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Technology education for sustainable youth empowerment in Nigeria : Nigerian Association of Teachers of Technology (NATT) 18th annual National Conference (Rivers 2005) : held at Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, River[s] State from 10th-14th October 2005
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Empowering the Nigerian youths through effective technology education
S.C.O.A. Ejezi

Technology education in basic education program
S.O. Olusanya

Technology education : a necessity for youth empowerment against unemployment in Nigeria
Miller, Lo

Empowering the youths through national technology policies
M.E. Ihekwoaba

Entrepreneurship education in technology programmes
Igweh, A.U.

Youth empowerment : its conceptual framework, policies & strategic direction for global development
O.O. Macgregor-Odunsanya & Dawodu, R.A. & Oluwa M.O.

The need for a more realistic technology education for the Nigerian youth and to eradicate poverty
Eke, Felix Chima

Role of agricultural education in agricultural policies formulation for youth empowerment in Nigeria
R.A. Oyeyinka and R.O. Bello

Assessment of the empowerment ability of technology education for women
Alaka, F.A.

Vocational education : a vital factor in sustaining youth empowerment
Fajimi Olusegun

Empowering Nigerian youths in skill acquisition for technological break through
Oke Sunday

Relevance of the acquisition of metalwork skills to economic empowerment of Nigerian youths
Onwuchekwa, A.K.

Need for good government policies on youths empowerment through technical and vocational education
S.J. Ukit

Technology education as a vehicle for Nigeria industrial transformation and youth development
Adebeyo, Sakariyau Ademola

Skill acquisition through technology education for sustainable youth empowerment
Inyiagu, Emmanuel E.

Improved strategies for youth empowerment in technology institutions
Bankole F.T. & Amuludun, K.A.

The role of technical colleges in empowering Nigerian youths for self=reliance
Adesuyi H. Abiodun

The role of polytechnic education in youth empowerment scheme
Udoh Christopher Timothy

Roles of technological institutions as related to SIWES on technology education as an instrument of sustainable youth empowerment
Akintola Kehinde Mutairu

The role of agricultural technology institutions in the sustainable youth empowerment in Nigeria
B.A. Adewoye

The role of technology education institutions in sustainable youth empowerment
Labaeka Ayodabo

Empowering technology education institutions for sustainable youth empowerment in Nigeria through integration of information technology
Aleburu, J.O.

Functional library services as bedrock for improved technology and youth empowerment programmes in Nigeria
Okoro Ikechukwu and Saghanen-Ntogo G. B. [i.e. Ntogo G.B.]

The place of colleges of education (technical) in the youth empowerment scheme
Folorunso, A.O.

Promoting skill acquisition through technology education for sustainable youth empowerment in Nigeria
Maigida, James F.

The role of vocational/technical education in youth empowerment
Iyaji, F.O.

Functionality of polytechnic education as a tool for enhancing skill acquisition of youths
Daramola, Isaac Solomon & Temitayo O. Olaitan

Enhancing the relevance of technology education institutions for youth empowerment
Obize, E.J.

Youth empowerment as a tool for an enviable technology education
Owolabi, K.M. & Bello, I.B.

Effectiveness of SIWES as a link between formal and non-formal vocational technical education for sustainable youth empowerment
Awojobi A.O.

Technology education : implication for sustainable youth empowerment in Nigeria
Ikwuni Goddey C.

Preparing today's youth for the changing world of technology
Emele K. Ezema

Local government industrial units and Rivers State government full involvement in sustainable youths empowerment
S.T. Puyate

Re-engineering agricultural technology education towards production for sustainable youth empowerment in Nigeria
Antiabong Okon Ekong & Patrick Sambo Williams

The importance of the project method in technology education
Ogechukwu Ukandu

Integrating cooperative education into technology education curriculum for sustainable youth empowerment
Okwelle, P.C.

Enriched technical vocational education (TVE) curriculum and structure
Nnenji Emmanuel Aram

Vocational education programme in the primary schools
Atsumbe B.N.

Integration of trouble shooting into electronic technology education curriculum in tertiary institution in Nigeria for youth empowerment
T.C. Ogbuanya

Specialization in automobile industry
Adegbenjo, A.

Changing the attitude of female youths towards the acquisition of metal work/technical skills for sustainable youth empowerment
Ohia M.C.

The vitalization of vocational education for substainable [sic] youth empowerment in Nigeria
A. Odunlade

A critical analysis of technology education curriculum and sustainable youth empowerment
Tayo Abokede

Vocational and technical education for self sustenance among Nigerian youths
Adenuga, B.A.

Entrepreneurship education
Olufunke O. Oyenuga

Mechanism for improving technology education curriculum
Idris, Abubakar Mohammed & Umar, Ibrahim Yakubu & Audu, Rufai

Review of technology education curriculum's graduation credit units for youth empowerment and self-sustenance in Federal Colleges of Education (Technical)
Adeogun K.B.

Agricultural education training in Nigerian colleges of education as a catalyst for sustainable youth empowerment
Lamidi, A.W.

The complimentary [i.e. complementary] roles of vocational teachers and guidance counsellors in occupational choice of youths for sustainable empowerment
Dada, E.O.

Funding technology education for sustainable youth empowerment in Nigeria
Macson J. Abiakwo

Funding technology education for preparing Nigerian youth for self sustenance/employment
Olayinka Olufemi

Financing technology education and sustainable youth empowerment strategies in Nigeria
Alasa M.C.

Funding technology education for sustainable youth empowerment
Ogo T. Ibeneme

Issues on active women participation in technology education for national empowerment
Stella Mseer Shimave & Gladson Dogo Sallah

Programme evaluation in education for youth employment in Nigeria
Keshinro Olorunfemi Tola & Okeowo Sunday Odunayo

Information technology : its applications and relevance for rapid youth empowerment in Nigerian society
O.O. Macgregor-Odunsanya & R.A. Dawodu & Oluw M.O.

Enabling psycho-social environment for effective technology education
F.O. Ezeudu

Computer literacy for sustainable technology education and youth empowerment
Adedokun, J.A.

The development of vocational and technical education for Nigerians participation in a technologically advanced global economy
Okeowo, S.O. & Olabiyi, O.S.

Information technology : its applications and relevance for rapid youth empowerment in Nigerian society
O.O. Macgregor-Odunsaya & R.A. Dawodu & Oluwa M.O.

Agriculture and technology : prognoses for rural prosperity in Nigeria
O.W. Olowa

Funding technical education for sustainable youth empowerment
Stephen O. Adenle and Olabiyi O. Stephen

Antibacterial activity of onion (Allium cepa L.) against skin pathogens
Eyen, N.O. & Umokaso, M.M.

Vocabulary acquisition as a tool for youth empowerment in technology education
Okoh, Chinasa

Career education a panacea for empowering youth in technology education
Asilokun, B.A.

Access to electronic and information technology
Onyebuchi, Emmanuel I.

Proposal for possible corrosion control in vehicles in coastal regions of Nigeria
Nwagbo, E.E.

Youth unemployment problems in Plateau State
S.M. Yalams & Ezekiel Bangalu

The role of effective management of technical colleges workshop for sustainable youth empowerment in Nigeria
Abdullahi, S. Ma'aji

Malfunctioning and fault diagnosis of workshop facilities by technical teachers toward sustainable youth empowerment
P.S. Yaduma, H. Suleiman, and Bashir Hassan

Evaluation of technology teachers improvisation initiatives for teaching introductory technology in Zamfara State
P.S. Yaduma, M.M. Inti, and Bashir Hassan

Empowering youths in tertiary institution in Nigeria through practical agriculture
Muibi, I.A.

Related issues in the teaching of science, technology, and mathematics and youth empowerment
Taiwo, John Olusola

The professional science teacher challenges for the 21st century
Asika, P.I.

The need to motivate Nigerian youths towards entering into building trades
Alabi Grace Olufunke

Technical manpower development and sustainable youth empowerment
Olateju, A.S.O.

Towards promoting the understanding of science, technology and mathematics (stm) education for sustainable youth empowerment in Nigeria
Ejikeme C.E.

Visual arts as strategic tool for sustainable youth empowerment in Nigeria
Odey T. Okujor, Datok D. Dayana, Cyril Egware Pamela I.

The development of student's practical project towards sustainable employment needs of the building industry
Ariba, Olusegun

Home economics : an important tool of enhancing youth managerial skill
Febajo A.Y.

Poverty reduction through vocational guidance
Christopher Eze Ogwa

Youth empowerment and the scourge of Hiv/Aids
F.C. Akhaluola

Elements of safety concepts and practices in laboratory teaching
J.O. Olatunji

Mathematics as a catalyst in promoting technical education for youth empowerment in Nigeria
Rahmon I.A.

Effect of cochlear implant on speech production of the hearing-impaired children
Sokale A.A.

The role of technology education institutions in sustainable youth empowerment
Eddie Etim

Values and education in Nigeria
Nneji N.G.

Technology education as a strengthening instrument in the human resource development aspect of the Universal Basic Education
Akinyemi, Adebayo Micheal