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The 2nd African Regional Youth Congress on Science and Technology, 2006 : food security and health for sustainable development in Africa : congress report : 26-28 June 2006, La Palm Beach Resort, Accra, Ghana
Nairobi, Kenya
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Emerging issues in science and technology for food security in Africa : perspectives from the African youth / Lydia Olaka (p.25).
The use of biotechnology to enhance the nutritive value of alternative feedstuffs for livestock feeding / Andrew Fatufe (p.26).
Participatory agricultural technology development and transfer initiatives : experiences and lessons from Malawi / George Kanthiti (p. 17-30).
The use of biotechnology to enhance the nutritive value of alternative feedstuffs for livestock feeding / Andrew Fatufe (p. 26-27).
Participatory agricultural tetchnology development and transfer initiatives :experiences and lessons from Malawi / George Kantiti (p. 27-29). Critical factors hampering agricultural productivity in Africa : the case of Ethiopian farmers / Yezihalem Tesfa (p.31).
Role of indigenous knowledge in enhancing household food security : a case study of Mukungwe, Masaka district, Central Uganda / Jacob Agea (p. 32-33).
Role of higher education in attaining food security in Africa : the need for a paradigm shift / Andrew Adwerah (p. 34-35).
Food security for sustainable development : a case of rural farmer groups in Uganda / Caroline Patience Odongo (p. 35-37).
The NEPAD Science and Technology policy framework : the vision for innovation and socio-economic development in Africa / Joseph Gogo (p. 38-40). Intellectual property rights in health and agriculture : opportunities and challenges for Africa / Linda Opati (p. 41-42).
Perspectives on youth leadership in response to dual African epidemics ; food insecurity and HIV / AIDS / Vincent Okullo (p.44).
Gender relations and decision making : implications for food security in Nigeria / Adeola Olufunso Akinsanmi (p. 45-46). --
The incidence of sanitation and water-related diseases, and its implication on rural livelihoods : a case of Fakunya Chiefdom, Moyamba District, Sierrra Leone / Teddy Amara Morlai (p.47-48).
Building the competence of youth on sustainable livelihood skills and sexual and reproductive health using e-technologies / Desmond Okoro Onyebuchi (p. 48-49).
The economic impact of HIV / AIDS on Ghana / Richard Aidoo (p. 49-51).
Effects of HIV / AIDS on rural agriculture production and livelihoods : a comparative study of Kabale and Rakai districts in Uganda / Jackson Tumwine (p. 51-52).
Solar drying of agro-produces : towards reduction of post-harvest losses / Joseph Kihedu (p. 52-54).