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Rethinking climate change research: clean-technology, culture and communication.
Abstract: The problems and debates surrounding climate change possess closely intertwined social and scientific aspects. This book highlights the importance of researching climate change through a multi-disciplinary approach; namely through cultural studies, communication studies, and clean-technology studies.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Introduction to section 1: towards a new agenda for climate change research / Pernille Almlund, Per Homann Jespersen and Søren Riis --
Introduction to section 2: climate change and clean-technology / Per Homann Jespersen --
What is clean-tech?: unraveling the buzzword / Thomas Budde Christensen and Tyge Kjær --
Local transition strategies for low carbon construction and housing: studies of innovative Danish municipalities / Jesper Holm, Inger Stauning and Bent Søndergaard --
The development of non-fossil energy systems in the absence of strong climate change global governance / Rikke Lybæk, Ole Erik Hansen and Jan Andersen --
Opportunities and challenges for innovation in the design of low-carbon energy technologies: a case study of the lighting sector / Araceli Bjarklev, Kent Laursen, Jan Andersen and Tyge Kjær --
Using sustainability games to elicit moral hypotheses from scientists and engineers / Evan Selinger, Thomas P. Seager, Susan Spierre and David Schwartz --
Introduction to part 3: climate change and culture / Søren Riis --
Nature, climate change and the culture of social sciences / Reiner Grundmann, Markus Rhomberg and Nico Stehr --
Climate change knowledge and social movement theory / Andrew Jamison --
The matter of climate change: what it is and how to be concerned with it / Gert Goeminne --
Education, active citizenship and applied social intelligence: some democratic tools to meet the threat of climate change / Joshua Forstenzer --
Sustainability means ethics and this is a cultural revolution / Michel Puech --
Coping with climate change: social science and the case of multi-site living / Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt --
Introduction to part 4: climate change and communication / Pernille Almlund --
Challenges to climate change communication through mass media in Bangladesh: a developing country perspective / Irene Neverla, Corinna Lu¨thje and Shameem Mahmud --
Could films help to save the world from climate change? A discourse exploration of two climate change documentary films and an analysis of their impact on the UK printed media / Gabriela Ramirez Galindo --
Communicating the political act of switching off the light: mediating citizen action through 'boundary acts' in the Earth Hour and Vote Earth global media events / Paul McIlvenny --
Climate activism and the mass media: potentially a politically challenging debate / Anders Danielsen --
Negotiating and communicating climate / Pernilla Almlund.