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New perspectives in forestry education.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Global forestry education guidance and monitoring : how imperative is it? / A Temu (p. 2-25).
Itto's holistic approach to forestry and environmental education / C Aoki (p. 26-46).
Restruturing Africa's forestry education / A Temu (p. 47-64).
Challenges to forestry education : a perspective from Nigeria / A Adande (p. 65-82).
South African forestry, intergrating the fist and second economies : a curriculu template for African forestry / M Underwood (p. 83-102).
Strengthening Wondo Genet college of forestry in natural resource and biodiversity education and research for capacity building in Eastern Africa / B Bishaw (p. 122-145).
Renewable natural resources education in Nigeria : university of Ibadan experience / L Popoola (p. 145-165). Declining enrolment in forestry : experiences from university of Maiduguri / H Adewusi (p. 165-174).
Efforts of Njala University at addressing environmental degradation in Sierra Leone / B Ikotun (p. 175-189).
Improving the quality and relevance of forestry education in Liberia / S.N Koffa (p. 189-206).
An approach for development of a competences-based training in forestry : vocational and technical education in Vietnam / T Vu Anh (p. 206-215).
Forestry education for sustainable development in Kenya : the case of JKUAT / N Wanjohi (p. 217-232).
Changes in forestry training over the last three decades at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda / J Kaboggoza (p. 232-249).
Professional forestry education in Tanzania : towards integrated natural resources management / G. Migunga (p. 250-265). Role of distance education in promoting forestry extension in Pakistan : problems and prospects / S Ahmed (p. 266-276).
E-learning in tropical forestry : constraints and options / S Chomba (p. 277-283).
Developing the curricula and quality of the joint educational programmes : two examples from Europe / P Pelkonen (p. 284-292).
Developing the curricula and quality of the joint educational programmes : two examples from Europe / P Pelkonen (p. 284-292).
Meeting the challenges : facing today's forestry education in the University of Helsinki / O Orenius (p. 293-305).
Constraints to choice of forestry as a career by potential undergraduate students at the Department of forestry and wood technology, Futa, Akure, Nigeria / V Adekunle (p. 306-318). Incorporating environmental education into grassroots reforestation efforts : the Gambia all schools tree nursery competition / E Paulete (p. 319-331).
A look over the horizon at climate change issues relative to forestry : opportunities for relevant forestry research towards 2030 / L Verchot (p. 333-352).
Forestry education and global change ; a case study on the contributio of forest plantations in Sri Lanka as an adaptation measure to climate change / D Ranasinghe (p. 353-360).
Biodiversity in forestry educatio : what needs to change? / P Rudebjer (p. 361-363).
Tree species diversity in cultivated landscapes : investigation of biodiversity patterns through training of African researchers / R Kindt (p. 384-400).
The role of forestry education in rural strategies to cope with HIV / AIDS in SSA / J Kung'u (p. 401-412). Environmental perceptions and attitudes of local communities towards sustainable harvesting of Baobab in Zimbabwe / M Nzengy-a (p. 413-432).
Trade-offs and synergy in slash-and-burn farming : a case study fro northern Lao people's democratic republic / Y Kiyono (p. 432-439).
Trade-offs and synergy in slash-and-burn farming : a case study from Northern Lao people's democrative republic / Y Kiyono (p. 432-440).
The place of women in tertiary natural resource educatio for socio-economic development perspective on proglems and trends in Kenya / E Koech (p. 440-451).
Global partnerships for sharing forest education resources and information / E Mikkola (p. 452-462).