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Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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Learning for sustainability : the role and impact of outdoor and environmental education centres.
[St. Lucia, Qld.]
Abstract: This project was designed to improve our understanding of the role and impact of nature-based environmental learning experiences, identify factors that facilitate learning for sustainability, and develop empirically-based principles to support Outdoor and Environmental Education Centres (O&EECs) in providing effective education for sustainability. The project builds on previous research which identified productive pedagogies (effective teaching strategies) in classroom contexts, and extends these to incorporate additional pedagogies that are effective in supporting learning in natural environments...
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Project Aims and Background

Chapter 2 Method
2.1 Overview of Stage 1 (2005)
2.2 Overview of Stage 2 (2006)
2.3 Stage 2 Data collection methods

Chapter 3 Results from Stage 1
3.1 The destination model
3.2 The expert/advisor model
3.3 The partnership model
3.4 Stage 1 Conclusions

Chapter 4 Results from Stage 2
4.1 Range of pedagogies used in target programs
4.2 Program Observations
4.3 Student Interviews - Initial learning events
4.4 Student interviews - Follow-up learning events
4.5 Teacher interviews
4.6 Evidence of subsequent environmental actions

Chapter 5 Conclusions
5.1 Pedagogies that facilitate student learning for sustainability
5.2 Impacts on the nature and quality of student learning for sustainability

Chapter 6 Recommendations


Appendix A: Examples of reported Learning Events

Appendix B: Data Collection Instruments

List of Tables
Table 1. Participating programs
Table 2. Categorisation of program components by mode of delivery
Table 3. Mode of delivery by school level
Table 4. Mode of delivery by day/residential.
Table 5. Average frequency of observation of learning indicators (1-4 scale)
Table 6. Average (observed) engagement for each mode of delivery (1-4 scale)
Table 7. Average learning events per exposed student for each mode of delivery
Table 8. Average learning events per exposed student at follow-up, for each mode of delivery
Table 9. Subsequent Actions
Table 10. Pedagogies that facilitate learning for sustainability
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