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Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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Indigenous science and technology for sustainable development.
Abstract: Contributed papers presented at a national workshop organized by Dept. of Anthropology, Andhra University during 15-17, December 2003. Formal knowledge is developed in the university settings and research institutes of modern society, whereas Indigenous knowledge is the informal knowledge that exists in local societies. Indigenous knowledge of a human group covers a wide range of its members' perceptions of universal phenomena occurring in their immediate environment, as well as in the social, economic, and cultural practices of the people. The roots of modern technology are found in the indigenous scientific knowledge of different human groups. In recent times, many scientists, including anthropologists, have felt the need to preserve indigenous knowledge and its use for the sustainable development of tribal and rural folks. Indigenous knowledge is an important natural resource that can facilitate the development process in cost-effective, participatory, and sustainable ways. The research papers in this volume present the practical knowledge of tribal and rural folks of India in utilization of indigenous science and technologies in their subsistence activities. They examine issues such as indigenous knowledge systems, traditional subsistence systems, traditional health care systems, traditional folk media, indigenous science, resource management, and sustainable development.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Foreword / J. M. Naidu
Introduction / V. Subramanyam
I. Indigenous Knowledge Systems
1. Indigenous Knowledge Systems of Local People / V. R. Rao
2. Technology of Tribal and Rural Artisans and Handicrafts / J. M. Naidu
3. Knowledge Systems, Hierarchies and Relevance / V. Sudarsen and S. Sumathi
4. Technology is the Route to Progress: A View From the Study of Prehistoric Material Culture / S. Krishna Rao
5. Creative Excellence of Tribal: Continuity of Indigenous Knowledge for Sustenance / Gopa Chakrabarti
6. Hidden Wisdom Behind the Primitive Huts / Jesurathnam Devarapalli
7. Indigenous Housing Pattern and Architecture: An Appraisal / P. Venkata Rao
8. Dynamics of Indigenous Knowledge: A Case Study of Cyclopean Technology in Eastern Ghats / P. Vijaya Prakash
II. Traditional Subsistence Systems
9. Use of Traditional Technologies in the Subsistence Activities and Sustainable Development: A Study among Primitive Tribes of Visakha Agency, Andhra Pradesh / P. Durga Rao and V. Subramanyam
10. The Horticulturists of Central Nicobar Islands: A Study of Indigenous Production System / K. Ravi
11. Simple Technologies and Complicated Linkages: From Siwalik Hills to Eastern Ghats / Rajesh Patnaik and B. V. R. Prasad
12. Science and Application of Indigenous Technological Knowledge for Sustenance Among the Abhujh Maria / Samira Dasgupta
13. Sustainable Development in Relation to Traditional Wisdom of Bison-Horn Maria / Amitabha Sarkar
14. Toddy Tapping Technology: A Means of Economic Subsistence / K. Viswanatha Reddy
15. Indigenous Knowledge and Subsistence Systems: Some Observations Among the Primitive Tribal Groups of Andhra Pradesh / G. V. Ramana
III. Traditional Health Care Systems
16. Survival of Ethnomedicine in the Modern Medical World: A Study Among the Kadar Tribe of Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu / K. Sasicoumar Brumot
17. Ethnomedicine and the Traditional Treatment: A Case Study of the Irular of Tamil Nadu / Shaik Abdul Azeez Saheb
18. Gods in the Garb of Healers: An Interface Between Indigenous Knowledge and the Supernatural / K. E. Rajpramukh and P. D. S. Pal Kumar
19. Traditional Practices in Mother and Child Health Care Among Tribal Populations of North Coastal Andhra Pradesh / V. L. Narasimha Rao and P. Durga Rao
20. Papikondala Treatment: A Practice of Indigenous Medicine Among Tribal Folk in Andhra Pradesh / B. Y. Venkateswarlu and R. Santha Rao
21. Dietary Practices in Some Nomadic Tribes of Andhra Pradesh: Problems and Perspectives / S. Narahari
22. Human Genetics in the Service of Tribal Health / G. Paddaiah
IV. Traditional Folk Media
23. Folklore and Traditional Folk Media Technologies in Rural and Tribal Areas of Andhra Pradesh: An Anthropological Perspective / V. Subramanyam
24. Folklore and Traditional Folk Media Technologies / Magimai Pragasam
25. Traditional Education: The Role of Teaching Technology / K. P. Subba Rao
26. Role of Traditional Youth Dormitory in Muduvan Community of Tamil Nadu / S. D. Jeachandirane Siva
27. Language and Culture: A Study in Acculturation and Loss / S. Manoharan
V. Indigenous Science, Resource Management and Sustainable Development
28. Indigenous Science, Traditional Techniques and Tribal Development: Some Reflections from Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu / Jakka Parthasarathy
29. Traditional Knowledge and Sustainable Resource Management Among the Savaras of Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh / Arun Kumar Singh
30. Remote Sensing vs Indigenous Technologies in Watershed Development in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu / P. Sudhakara Reddy and V. Narayana Reddy
31. Traditional Non-Chemical Agricultural Practices Among the Tribes of Visakha Agency in Andhra Pradesh / V. Subramanyam
32. Utilization of Indigenous Technology by the Tribes for the Sustainable Development / T. Subramanyam Naidu.