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Environmental health and value education.
New Delhi
Abstract: Health affects and is affected by other factors. Environment is basic to Health promotion. Whenever a dramatic out - break of "pollution disease`` occurs, the attention of the World focuses on a severe "symptom" rather than the "diseases" itself. The dramatic outbreaks with a mass media appeal only occur under special circumstances, But the daily exposure of millions to Pollution which causes severe health Effects goes unnoticed and unreported. The underlying causes tend to be the same; hazardous chemicals or other agents used or produced by Industrial or Agricultural Technologies that have at the same time brought prosperity and development at least to some Parts of the community. There is a need to educate the people about Environmental health programme. Environmental Values, in addition to environmental education, are Essential to keep good health. Values provide the essential parameters which are essential for Positive health. Ethical and moral values are the basis of good life as Ethical culture indeed ennobles human life. Ethics, Religion and spirituality have become synonymous terms in common parlance as they co - exist in the development of moral culture and righteous and virtuous life. Moral living starts through dedication to ideal principles, maxims and human values. A righteous and virtuous life and a clear conscience provide the backbone of Spiritual as well as a humane material Progress of the civilized man and his society. In this book, having ten chapters, an effort has been made to promote the emphasis on environment and value Education to promote good health. It is hoped that those who are interested in the promotion of health would find this book useful.