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Art, community and environment : educational perspectives.
Bristol, UK
Abstract: "Art, Community and Environment investigates wide-ranging issues raised by the interaction between art practice, community participation, and the environment, both natural and urban. This volume brings together a distinguished group of contributors from the United Kingdom, Australia and Finalnd to examine topics such as urban ar, community participation, local empowerment and the problems of ownership."--Jacket.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Part One: Environments Chapter 1: 'A Wanderer in the Landscape: Reflections on the Relationship between Art and the Northern Environment'
Timo Jokela

Chapter 2: 'Developing an Environmental Aesthetic: Aesthetics and the Outdoor Experience '
Angus McWilliam

Chapter 3: 'Strategies for the Convivial City: A New Agenda for Education for the Built Environment'
Malcolm Miles

Chapter 4: 'Beyond Process: Art, Empowerment and Sustainability'
Mark Dawes

Chapter 5: 'Community Art Projects and Virtual Learning Environments'
Maria Huhmarniemi

Chapter 6: 'Community-Based Art Education in the North: A Space for Agency?'
Mirja Hiltunen

Chapter 7: 'Crossing the Line'
Sarah Bennett

Chapter 8: 'Art and Design Education and the Built Environment'
Eileen Adams

Chapter 9: 'Connections between Public Art and Art and Design Education in Schools'
Eileen Adams

Chapter 10: 'Art, Design and Environment: A Programme for Teacher Education'
Eileen Adams and Tony Chisholm

Chapter 11: 'Training Community Artists in Scotland'
Julie Austin

Chapter 12: 'Community Art: What′s the Use?'
Glen Coutts

Chapter 13: 'Collaborative Project-Based Studies in Art Teacher Education: An Environmental Perspective'
Timo Jokela

Chapter 14: 'Hard Lessons: Public Sculpture and the Education System in Nineteenth-Century Glasgow'
Ray Mckenzie

Chapter 15: 'Living City: An Experiment in Urban Design Education'
Les Hooper

Chapter 16: 'Using Multimedia to Teach Young People about Public Art in Glasgow'
Glen Coutts