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Amphibian and reptile species survey and habitat assessment : incorporating environmental education and outreach.
Oxford, Ohio
Oxford, Univ., Master of Environmental Science, 2008
Abstract: Amphibians and reptiles are valuable bio-indicators of ecosystem health. The dual life of amphibians, living a part of their lives on both land and water, exposes them to environmental stressors present in both habitat types. Reptiles, as predators of a wide range of organisms, are exposed to a variety of biological contaminants which have been found to accumulate in their systems. Both groups of organisms were studied at the Oxford Community Park (OCP), in Oxford Ohio. Habitat suitability was examined through GIS analysis of habitat cover types present at the park as well as field work to examine forest composition, stream quality, and presence of wetlands. Additionally, water quality was monitored at six locations in the park. Species surveys were conducted using funnel traps; cover boards, and spending many man-hours on-site looking across the park for specimens. Four streams were identified on-site as well as one remnant farm pond and 38-acres of second growth forested habitat. Five species of amphibians were recorded along with two species of reptiles. These results suggest many of the species found in Butler County are absent from the OCP. Reasons for this could include, but are not limited to, habitat fragmentation or the agricultural history of the property and surrounding land uses. The Oxford Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) has expressed a desire to develop educational outreach materials and programming involving amphibians and reptiles in Oxford and the surrounding area. As a result, fact sheets for many amphibians and reptiles of Ohio were created for use by the OPRD at their discretion. Additionally, programs were created to be used during the spring break adventure camp and summer camp programs, an interpretive trail guide was created, and the annual Earthfest in uptown Oxford was utilized as a resource for information distribution.
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