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Work, learning and sustainable development: opportunities and challenges.
Abstract: This book is the first that provides a comprehensive overview of the way countries, education systems and institutions have responded to the call for an integration of learning for work, citizenship and sustainability at the Second International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education which was held in Seoul in 1999. Discussions on the central theme of the Seoul Conference - lifelong learning and training for all, a bridge to the future a" led to the conclusion that a new paradigm of both development and Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) was needed. This book showcases th.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
pt. 1. New thinking on development --
pt. 2. The TVET response to the challenges of sustainable development --
pt. 3. Country experiences in integrating sustainable development into TVET --
pt. 4. Enhancing and supporting TVET for sustainable development --
pt. 5. Conclusion.

Introduction by the Series Editor p. xvii
Introduction: The Legacy of the Bonn Declaration p. xix
New Thinking on Development
Global Trends and their Implications for Sustainable Human Resource Development
through TVET
Rethinking Development: As if the Planet and its People Really Mattered
Productivism and Ecologism: Changing Dis/courses in TVET
Towards Sustainable Human Development
Towards a Synthesis
The TVET Response to the Challenges of Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development: The Challenges and Prospects for a Sustainability
Technology Education and the Search for Truth, Beauty and Love
TVET as Sustainable Investment
Technacy Education: Understanding Cross-cultural Technological Practice
Education for All and TVET: The Creative Synergy
TVET and Ecologism: Charting New Terrain
Basic Education for Sustainable Livelihoods: The Right Question?
Adult and Vocational Education for Social Sustainability: A New Concept for TVET for
Sustainable Development
Intercultural Education: Promoting Sustainability in Education and Training
Developing Entrepreneurship for Rural Youth and Women
Sustainable Development Through a Skilled, Knowledge-Based Workforce
The TVET Response to the Challenges of Sustainable Development: Towards a Synthesis
Country Experiences in Integrating Sustainable Development into TVET
UK: Developing the Strategy for Sustainable Development in TVET
Germany: Policy-making Strategies and Project Experiences
Australia: The Role of Partnerships, Industry Skills Councils and Training Packages
Canada: Generic Sustainable Development Skills for the Workforce
South Africa: Applied Competence as the Guiding Framework for Environmental and
Sustainability Education
South Africa: Strengthening Responses to Sustainable Development Policy and
Azerbaijan: TVET and Sustainable Livelihoods in the Caucasus
India: Policy Perspectives and Challenges Ahead
China: Skills for Displaced People in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area of Chongqing
Country Experiences in Integrating Sustainable Development into TVET: Towards at
Enhancing and Supporting TVET for Sustainable Development
Eight Principles for Promoting Sustainable Education
School Enterprises Revisited: Combining Vocational Learning with Production
School-based Enterprises and Environmental Sustainability
Sustainability Covenants: A Case Study of a Government-College Partnership
A Framework for Developing Teaching Approaches and Resources for Education for
Sustainable Development

Learning to Do: An ESD Resource for TVET
Evaluating TVET Programmes through Appreciative Inquiry
Enhancing and Supporting TVET for Sustainable Development: Towards a Synthesis
TVET and Sustainable Development: A Cautionary Note
Author Index
Subject Index
Table of Contents provided by Blackwell's Book Services and R.R. Bowker. Used with permission.
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