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Routledge handbook of climate change and society.
New York
Abstract: Takes readers into largely uncharted territory in its exploration of anthropogenic climate change. This book highlights the global impact of this issue, and the necessity for multidisciplinary and global social science research and teaching to address the problem. It is suitable for advanced undergraduates and postgraduate students.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Preface : Copenhagen and after / Raymond Cle´menc¸on and Marcus Carson
Climate change and society : an introduction / Constance Lever-Tracy and Barrie Pittock
The science of climate change : knowledge, uncertainty and risk / Barrie Pittock
Climate change : complexity and collaboration between the science / Ian Welsh
Organisations and global warming / Charles Perrow
Capitalism versus nature : eco-socialist approaches to the climate crisis / Dennis Soron
Ecological economics : the impact of unsustainable growth / Philip Lawn
Ecological economics : consumption drivers and impacts / Inge Røpke
Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change / Robin Leichenko, Adelle Thomas and Mark Barnes
Ecological rationality, disaster, and the environmental education of leaders / Raymond Murphy
Case study : floods in Mumbai / Monalisa Chatterjee
Public opinion : a cross-national view / Steven R. Brechin
Media presentations of climate change / Maxwell T. Boykoff and Joe Smith
Case study : climate change reporting in Time magazine / Ray Loi
Postscript / Constance Lever-Tracy
Religion, worldview and climate change / Lee Levett-Olson
Climate change denial : sources, actors and strategies / Riley E. Dunlap and Aaron M. McCright
Crises and opportunities / Noel Tracy
Alternative scenarios : varieties of capitalism / Constance Lever-Tracy
Alternative scenarios : technological optimism or low energy futures / Terry Leahy
Bio-fuels / Stephen Clarke, Dan Graiver and Sudirman Habibie
The nuclear option / Lee Clarke
Case study : agro-forestry in the Philippines / Lutgarda L. Tolentino [and others]
Public opposition to renewable energy / Claire Haggett
Behavioural insights : motivating individual emissions cuts through communication / David Ockwell, Saffron O'Neill and Lorraine Whitmarsh
Climate change and energy security in the European Union : from rhetoric to practice? / Karin Bäckstrand
Case study : wind energy regulation in Germany and the UK / Shiufai Wong
Tipping point : crossroads for US climate policy / Marcus Carson and Mikael Román
China's emissions : dangers and responses / Bo Miao and Graeme Lang
Justice and the politics of climate change / Derek Bell
International law responses to climate change / Hossein Esmaeili
Pushing past neo-liberalism : rethinking global climate change negotiations / Raymond Clémencon.