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Environmental ethics for the future: rethinking education to achieve sustainability.
Abstract: Humanity is coming to the realisation that there is something wrong and dangerous about the way we are making our existence on this planet. Resource depletion, population growth, pollution continue with consequences affecting climate, biodiversity, habitat quality and public health. Since the crisis in its terrifying extent is caused largely by human activities, any effort to address it must take into account the causes for human behaviour. Much of it is influenced by formal education but in this case evidence shows that education not only fails in its duty to make a difference, it often contributes to the problem. This book covers environmental science, environmental ethics, and education. It bridges a gap between descriptions of the global environmental crisis and prescriptions what humanity could or should do about it. It also bridges between those suggestions and pedagogical strategies by which we could address the crisis. This book will be of interest to anyone concerned with the current predicament; educators searching for ways to address the problems; people with an affiliation for nature; and those concerned about our descendants' well- being.