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Speaking up and speaking out: working for social and environmental justice through parks, recreation, and leisure.
[Urbana, IL]
Abstract: While the field of parks, recreation, and leisure has come a long way as a human service profession, it still has a long way to go. This is evident when you think about social and environmental justice. With few notable exceptions we have not paid enough attention to these themes, and it is time we give them their due. It's time to move us in the right direction. Speaking Up and Speaking Out takes a three-legged tack by addressing the importance of self reflection and seeking to know ourselves, discussing individuals and groups at the margins, and finally concludes by preparing readers for socially and environmentally responsible activism. You won't want to miss this innovative compilation of 23 highly respected educators as they raise their voices in the name of social and environmental justice.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Know thyself
Is college worth more than a buck fifty in late charges at the public library? : the shoulds and oughts of a higher education / Karen Paisley
What does society need done and how can we do it? : Living up to David Gray's example / Dana Kivel
Are you awake yet? : the conscientization process / Erin Sharpe
What will you assume about my difference? : a poem / Susan Arai
What are you, anyway? : from tea at high noon to curry and masala dosa: how identity and experience interact to challenge the system / Nina S. Roberts
Do you dare step off the treadmill? : search for meaning and purpose in our lives / Charyl A. Stevens
Those we serve
A mother's leisure? : defining a leisure of her own / Keri Schwab
Were you raised a wimp? : "hot-house" parenting and other sins of commission / Mary Parr
Are you listening? : the practice of possibility / Brett Lashua
What can "American beach" teach us? : complicity in race, class, power / Diane M. Samdahl
What would Thorstein Veblen say? : the nagging problem of conspicuous consumption / David Scott
Where does growth for growth's sake lead us? : peak oil, climate change, and the challenge of sustainability / Troy Glover
What about the "rest of the story"? : recreation on the backs of "others" / Heather Mair
Why ride roughshod over the great outdoors? : the problem with motorized recreation / Kelly Bricker
Are social and environmental justice incompatible ideals? : searching for answers in Zion National Park / Jeff Rose
Serving without "othering"
How can you serve without "othering"? : an interactive play / Gwynn Powell, Joseph Pate, Corey W. Johnson
To whom can they turn? : recreation's role in mental healthcare for marginalized youth / Keith R. Russell
Are you culturally competent? : understanding the relationship between leisure and the health of lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals / Corey W. Johnson, Jennifer J. Waldron
Can you hear the music? : toward a polyphonic leisure scholarship / Karen Fox
What lies beyond social and environmental justice? : an ecological narrative / Adrienne Cachelin.