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Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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The media, animal conservation and environmental education.
Abstract: Featuring contributions from filmmakers, photographers, researchers and academics from across the globe, this book explores ways in which film and TV is used by conservationists and educators to encourage greater awareness of environmental and conservation issues, as well as practical action designed to help endangered species.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
1. Introduction: The media, animal conservation and environmental education
John Blewitt
2. Critical practice and the public pedagogy of environmental and conservation media
John Blewitt
3. Humans, sharks and the shared environment in the contemporary eco-doc
Helen Hughes
4. Studying Green Spectacular Environmentalisms Group:
Sian Sullivan, Gill Branston, Mike Goodman, Jaimie Lorimer, James Igoe, Dan Brockington and John Blewitt & Filmmaker: Patrick Rouxel
5. Harnessing visual media in environmental education: increasing knowledge of orangutan conservation issues and facilitating sustainable behaviour through video presentations
Elissa Pearson, Jillian Dorrian and Carla Litchfield
6. The application of online wildlife imagery as an education conservation tool
Alexander Royan and Bonnie Metherell
7. Conservation photography as environmental education: focus on the pedagogues
Bruce Evan Farnsworth
8. Field birding and digital objects: immaterial technologies and their implications for one practice of coming to know the more-than-human Gavan
Peter Longley Watson
9. Exploring use of new media in environmental education contexts: introducing visitors' technology use in zoos model
Victor Yocco, Elizabeth H. Danter, Joseph E. Heimlich, Betty A. Dunckel and Chris Myers
10. Linking community communication to conservation of the maned wolf in central Brazil
Marcelo Ximenes A. Bizerril, Carla Cruz Soares and Jean Pierre Santos
11. The environmental education through filmmaking project
Hallie Harness and Howard Drossman
12. Enhancing college students' environmental sensibilities through online nature journaling
Gwen Arnold