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Linking ecology and ethics for a changing world: values, philosophy, and action.
Abstract: Ecological sciences have informed environmental ethics from its inception as a scholarly pursuit in the 1970s so much so that we now have ecological ethics, Deep Ecology, and ecofeminism. Throughout the 20th century, however, most ecologists remained enthralled by the myth that science is value-free. Closer study of science by philosophers reveals that metaphors are inescapable and cognitively indispensable to science, but that metaphors are value-laden. As we confront the enormous challenges of the 21st century the prospect of a 6th mass extinction, acidifying oceans, rising sea level, and global warming ecologists can no longer remain aloof from public discourse about what actions to take to address these problems. And that means that 21st century ecologists understand that right action is guided by ethics. However, integration of ethical ideas into academic curricula and ecologists research agendas is still meager.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Integrating Philosophy and Ecology: Biocultural Interfaces

Introduction to Integrating Philosophy and Ecology: Biocultural Interfaces / Ricardo Rozzi

Biocultural Ethics: From Biocultural Homogenization Toward Biocultural Conservation / Ricardo Rozzi

Introduced Species, Homogenizing Biotas and Cultures / Daniel Simberloff

Traditional Knowledge and Wisdom: A Guide for Understanding and Shaping Alaskan Social-Ecological Change / F. Stuart Chapin III, Patricia Cochran, Orville H. Huntington, Corrine N. Knapp [and others]

Traditional Ecological Values, Knowledge, and Practices in Twenty-First Century Hawai'i / Peter Vitousek, Kamanamaikalani Beamer

Tradition as Benefit or Barrier? The Case of Christian Religion in the Formation of Environmental Ethics in the United States / Susan Power Bratton

Environment Imagination Situation / Irene J. Klaver

Ecological Worldviews: Aesthetics, Metaphors, and Conservation

Introduction to Ecological Worldviews: Aesthetics, Metaphors, and Conservation / J. Baird Callicott

The Worldview Concept and Aldo Leopold's Project of "World View" Remediation / J. Baird Callicott

The Link Between Aesthetic Appreciation and the Preservation Imperative / Sheila Lintott, Allen Carlson

The Metaphorical Links Between Ecology, Ethics, and Society / Brendon M.H. Larson

Science as Sacred Myth? Ecospirituality in the Anthropocene Age / Lisa H. Sideris

Rachel Carson's Environmental Ethics / Philip Cafaro

Aldo Leopold: Connecting Conservation Science, Ethics, Policy, and Practice / Curt Meine

Environmental Philosophy: Ethics, Epistemology, Justice

Introduction to Environmental Philosophy: Ethics, Epistemology, Justice / Clare Palmer

Contested Frameworks in Environmental Ethics / Clare Palmer

Legacies of Positivism in the Philosophy of Science / Helen E. Longino

Ecological Objects for Environmental Ethics / Christopher H. Eliot

Ecology, Ethics and Global Justice / Tim Hayward

Whose Danger, Which Climate? Mesopotamian versus Liberal Accounts of Climate Justice / Michael S. Northcott

Environmental Justice, Ecofeminism, and Power / Chaone Mallory

Ecosystems: Science, Values, and Action

Introduction to Ecosystems: Science, Values, and Action / Steward T.A. Pickett

The Flux of Nature: Changing Worldviews and Inclusive Concepts / Steward T.A. Pickett

Hierarchy Theory: An Overview / Jianguo Wu

Ecosystem Services: Is a Planet Servicing One Species Likely to Function? / Shahid Naeem

Linking Ecology and Ethics for a Transition to the Sustainable City: Values, Philosophy, and Action / Stephanie Pincetl

Not Such Strange Bedfellows: Underserved Public Audiences as Collaborators for Ecologists / Nalini M. Nadkarni

A Call for Ethics Literacy in Environmental Education / Alexandria K. Poole, Eugene C. Hargrove, Philip Day, William Forbes, Alan R. Berkowitz [and others].
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