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Environmental education: ethical concerns.
New Delhi
Abstract: The style of development and modernization undertaken by themankind is gradually making the world ecologically unstable,socially alienated and economically non viable. So, thedevelopmental process causes great disturbance in ecologicalbalance and life support system therefore it should be guided byethical values which play an important role in curbing human abusesof nature. Hence environmental ethics has been regarded as animportant element to regain the power that is lost by humanactivities. The present study highlights the need and importance ofenvironmental ethics in secondary education.

This book "Environmental Education-Ethical Concerns" is theresearch work entitled "Ethical concerns to environment among thesecondary school students and teachers of Visakhapatnam District"aims to find out the ethical responsibility of environment amongstudents and teachers. The study was taken under the scholarlyguidance of renowned Professor Dr. G. Subhakar, Dept of Education,Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. The study consists of fivechapters. The first chapter is dealt with the various issues ofenvironment and its impact on present social setup and role ofeducation to solve these issues. The second presents the previousstudies in review of literature. In third chapter, researchexpectation objectives, hypothesis, method adopted, design of thestudy, sample test development, tools and data collection processhave been incorporated. The fourth chapter contains a detailedanalysis of collected data through various tables and figured whichwere in three sections gain in knowledge, perception andobservation. The fifth chapter contains a detailed analysis ofcollected data through various tables and figured which were inthree sections gain in knowledge, perception and observation. Thefifth chapter embodies discussion which includes the interpretationof data concerning pupils response. Besides, the merits of thestudy, recommendation for further research have been presented.

This book is modest but pioneering effort in the field ofeducation and the author feels that the method and findings of thestudy will shed a new light in this area which deserves to beinvestigated more intensively. This book will be immenselysignificant and useful for Researchers, Academicians and Teachereducation in the field of Education.
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Review of Related Literature


Analysis and Interpretation of Data

Findings, Conclusions and Suggestion