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Moral Education and environmental concern.
Abstract: This volume explores both some important ways in which moral values are embedded in much current discussion of environmental issues, as well as ways in which some conventional understandings of morality and moral education can be transformed by ideas that have emerged in the discourse of environmental concern. Contributions range from a variety of disciplines including philosophy, psychoanalysis, social psychology, and anthropology, and reflect a variety of cultural settings including Occidental, Oriental, African, and South American. The book discusses the moral character of our relationship with the natural world; the quality of the relationship between our 'internal' and 'external' worlds; the issues that arise when responsibilities towards future generations are considered; and the need for cultural change and the practical obstacles to achieving this in a school context. In the process, insights are drawn from Western philosophy, Buddhism, Daoism, Ubuntu, and Confucianism. The result is a collection that provides a rich backcloth for understanding, and in some cases reconceptualising, morality in an age of growing environmental concern, and its extensive implications for the theory and conduct of moral education. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Moral Education.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
1. Environmental concern, moral education and our place in nature / Michael Bonnett --
2. Questioning the idea of the individual as an autonomous moral agent / C.A. Bowers --
3. Reclaiming our moral agency through healing: a call to moral, social, environmental activists / Heesoon Bai --
4. Ubuntu, ukama, environment and moral education / Lesley Le Grange --
5. Some implications for moral education of the Confucian principle of harmony: learning from sustainability education practice in China / Derek Newton --
6. Four slogans for cultural change: an evolving place-based, imaginative and ecological learning experience / Sean Blenkinsop --
7. Mountain guides: between ethics and socioeconomic trends / Bernard Massiera --
8. Promoting ethical and environmental awareness in vulnerable communities: a research action plan / Ulisses Araujo --
9.Like a swallow, moving forward in circles: on the future dimension of environmental care and education / Paul Smeyers.