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Environmental change and sustainable social development.
Abstract: With global warming and the increase in natural disasters due to the emission of greenhouse gases, an alternative approach to the natural environment is vital. The main focus of this volume is to emphasize the person-in-environment concept and to find measures for its implementation. For social work the environment has traditionally been viewed as a world of human relationships as opposed to the interaction between man and environment. This informative and incisively written edited collection brings together experts from around the world to analyze the person-in-environment concept and to find measures for its implementation. Through the presentation of theoretical and practical platforms for environmental social work or green social work, we hope to bring about a new paradigmatic shift in our attitude to the concept of person-in-environment.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Introduction / Sven Hessle --
The government of Canada : on trial for the racial discrimination of first nations children / Cindy Blackstock --
Environmental social work : a future curiosity, contmplation and connection / Fred Besthorn --
Disaster management : perspectives for social work and social development / Roland Sewell, Xiying Wang, Xiulan Zhang, Decha Sungkawan, Tom Vickers, Lena Dominelli, Antoinette Farmer, Ronald Quincy --
Indigenous understanding of environmental change and its social consequences : climate change and environmental justice : indigenous perspectives from the United States / Hilary Weaver --
Integrating economic, environmental and social perspectives : the social protection floors recommendation R. 202 (2012) : adopted by the International Labour Organization / Alejandro Bonilla Garcia --
Social action for clean water : the quest for clean water in Kenya : social workers' uneasy role / Pius Mutuku Mutie --
Social economy and sustainable social development : local lessons: global challenges : enterprising social work: social enterprise action research with remote indigenous communities in Australia / Deirdre Tedmanson --
Sustainable social development : research, education and practice --
Social work global access model : promoting social equity and social change / Rhonda Patrick and Monit Cheung --
Environmental justice at the heart of social work practice : greening the profession / Lena Dominelli.