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EcoJustice, citizen science and youth activism: situated tensions for science education.
Abstract: This volume draws on the ecojustice, citizen science and youth activism literature base in science education and applies the ideas to situated tensions as they are either analyzed theoretically or praxiologically within science education pedagogy. It uses ecojustice to evaluate the holistic connections between cultural and natural systems, environmentalism, sustainability and Earth-friendly marketing trends, and introduces citizen science and youth activism as two of the pedagogical ways ecojustice philosophy can be enacted. It also comprises evidence-based practice with international service, community embedded curriculum, teacher preparation, citizen monitoring and community activism, student-scientist partnerships, socioscientific issues, and new avenues for educational research.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Endorsements; Preface; Introducing the? Book Series; References; Contents; Chapter 1: A Life in? Relation to? the? Broader Stroke? of? Education; Gwik'ee Gwiriheendaii Gwizhrii Go'aii; We Must Make an? Effort; Towards the? Renewal of? the? Ecological in? Science Education; References; Part I: Ecojustice Section; Chapter 2: Together We? Look for? Answers; Chapter 3: Put Away Your No. 2 Pencils-Reconceptualizing School Accountability Through EcoJustice; EcoJustice Theory-Conceptual Framework; The Culture of? Measurement; The Dominant Accountability Movement Problems with? the? Dominant Conception of? School? Accountability Problems with? the? Economic Competitiveness Discourse? of? School Accountability; Need for? a? Different Vision of? School Accountability; An Alternate Vision for? School Accountability; School Accountability-A Moral Obligation; Biesta's Conceptual Model for? Functions of? Educational? Systems; Biesta's Conceptual Model Applied to? EcoJustice Theory; Qualification; Socialization; Subjectification; Implications for? Accountability in? Science Education; New Visions of? Ecological Literacy Reject the? Hegemony of? Quantitative Test Scores Diversity Principle: Multiple Measures; Counterarguments-Politics, Mandates, and? Complexity? of? Change; Too Politically Charged; The School System Cannot Shoulder Another Mandate; Complex and? Overwhelming Ideas; Effective for? What? And? for? Whom?; Notes; References; Chapter 4: Provoking EcoJustice-Taking Citizen Science and? Youth Activism Beyond the School Curriculum; Part I: Building Youth 'Change Agents' on? an? Expedition in? the? Arctic: Rethinking Science, Environmental, and? Civics Education (Lisa Glithero) Students on? Ice as? an? Experiential Learning Framework Part II: Developing Collaborative Social Action Curriculum Projects: Media Studies, Science Education and? Ecojustice Activism [Nicholas Ng-A-Fook]; Part III: Advancing Citizen Science and? Youth Activism Through Ecojustice-The Story of? Marianna [Giuliano Reis]; Brushing Up? on? Biology; When Past and? Present Meet Up; Lessons (L)earned; Sharing Our Efforts to? Promote Ecojustice; References; Chapter 5: The Sustainable Farm School-Waldorf Philosophy and? EcoJustice Theory in? Aesthetic Contexts; Rudolf Steiner's Vision and? Waldorf Education Exploring Spirituality and? Interconnectedness Pedagogy of? Sustainability, Eco-critical Examination, and? Eco-imagination; The Sustainable Farm School-Mission and? Vision; Three Courses at SFS; Urban Gardening, Philosophy, and? Holistic Nutrition; Urban Gardening; Philosophy; Holistic Nutrition; Cultivating Caretakers of? Their Community; References; Chapter 6: Building Teacher Leaders and? Sustaining Local Communities Through a? Collaborative Farm to School Education Project-What EcoJustice Work Can PreService Teachers? Do?; EcoJustice and? Farm to? School
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