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E-Learning and Education for Sustainability.
Frankfurt a.M.
Abstract: Lifelong learning, adults education and the huge increase in the use of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) lead to e-learning's significant role within the learning and education processes. This book discusses the use of e-learning in the progresses towards Sustainable Development or Education for Sustainable Development.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

1. principles, concepts and competences

an experience in developing and implementing blended learning for sustainability
Anne Sibbel

E-learning for sustainable development: linking virtual mobility and transboundary competence development
Joop de Kraker, Ron Cövers and Angelique Lansu

training and employability, competences from an e-learning undergraduate programme in environmental sciences
Ana Paula Martinho, Sandra Caeiro, Fernando Caetano, Ulisses M. Azeiteiro and Paula Bacelar-Nicolau

transforming academic knowledge and the concept of lived experience: Intervention competence in an international e-learning programme
Francisca Pérez Salgado, Gordon Wilson and Marcel van der Klink

II. principles, concepts and competences

Let`s play! using simulation games as a sustainable way to enhance students` motivation and collaboration in open and distance learning
Daniel Otto

delveloping E-learning materials for teaching industrial ecology and environmental sustainability
Anthony Halog and Gary Dishman

Greening higher educational qualifikation programmes with online learning
Sally Caird, Andy Lane and Ed Swithenby

European virtual seminar on sustainable development: international, multi-disciplinary larning in an online social network
Joop de Kraker and Ron Cövers

electronic logistics for a sustainable distance education: the new UNED on-site virtualization of evaluation procedure documents
M`` Carmen Ortega-Navas, Rocio Muñoz-Mansilla, Fernando Latorre and Rosa Maria Martin-Aranda

leveraging E-learning to prepare future educators to teach sustainability topics
Leanna Archambault and Annie Warren

the use of information and communication technologies by secondary school teachers for developing a more sustainable pedagogy in Latavia
Dzintra Iliško and Svetlana Igantjeva

III. A continental perspective for best practices

A critical narrative of e-learning spaces for sustainable development in the global south
Rudi W. Pretorius

Contonou 2012 and beyond - an assesment of E-learning for sustainability in sub-Sahara Africa
J. Manyitabot Takang and Christine N. Bukania

sustainability in an educational insitution: analysing the transition to paperless e-processes, an Indian case
Prakash Rao, Yogesh Patil, Manisha Ketkar, Viraja Bhat and Shilpa Kulkarni

IV. Formal and non-formal case studies/experiences

building and online master`s program for deep learning in sustainability
Amelia Clarke

first online course on desalination by renewable energies, lessons learnt
Juan A. de la Fuente, Vicente J. Subiela and Blatasar Penate

education, digital inclusion and sustainable online communities
Luisa Aires, Paulo Dias, José Azevedo, M. Ángeles Rebollo and Rafael Garcia-Pérez

E-learning for sustainable development: the way ahead
Walter Leal Filho

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