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New perspectives in special needs education for sustainable development.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
The need for trainers for effective rehabilitation service delivery / John Ihenacho (p. 1-7). --
Implementing new perspectives in the education of deaf and hard-of-hearing learners : the bilingual / bicultural education approach / Godwin Irokoba (p. 8-14). --
Counselling parents and people with special needs : the beginning of building inclusive society in Nigeria / Adeniyi Olufemi (p. 15-21). --
The role of vocational education through business education in providing employment to the gifted and talented / Tiamiyu Rashidat (p. 22-28). --
Persons with mental retardation and self sustenance through vocational entrepreneurship education / J Oyundoyin (p. 29-36). --
Assessment of special education and national development / Oluwakemi Aladenusi (p. 37-45). --
Challenges of differentiated instructio in inclusive education environments in Africa / Ogwu Michael (p. 45-51). Implementation of free education for special needs children for sustainable development in Africa / Andrew A Omede (p. 52-56). --
Community participation and special needs education in Nigeria / Justina Unegbu (p. 57-61). --
The place of special need educatio in national development / Blessing Chukuka (p. 62-66). --
Counselling the adventitiously blind-at-adolescence and his family / R.A Odiba (p. 67-77). --
Vocational education for persons with special needs in Nigeria / P Rahila (p. 78-83). --
Information and communication technology [ICT] as teaching and learning paradigm for persons with special needs / Timson Ndupuechi (p. 84-88). --
Community participation in noise control and auditory health / I Kalu (p. 89-93). --
The need for counselling parents with special needs cildren and their families in adjusting to life situations / E Idemudia (p. 94-102). Teaching science to children with visual impairment in Nigeria for self-reliance and sustainable development / Peter Nanchen (p. 103-110). --
Role of counseling on the special needs children and the family / P.B Edet (p. 111-117). --
Counselling the family of children with visual impairment for proper adjustment and management / E Chukuka (p. 118-124). --
Human rights advocacy and special needs education in Nigeria / Mark Lere (p. 125-131). --
Career opportunities in vocational and technical educatio for people with special needs / Yusuf Kunle (p. 132-137). --
The place of adapted physical education in special education curriculum / M.E Edim (p. 138-143). --
Team teaching : an alternative tool for teachers of learners with special needs / G Bila (p. 144-148). --
Counselling : an adjustment strategy for families of children with learning disabilities / Maria Etokebe (p. 149-154). Counseling the gifted and talented children and their families / G Salaudeen (p. 162-170). --
Involvement of parents and community in the management of adolescents with autism / Kolawole Anthony (p. 170-178). --
The need for counselling parents of the special needs children / Silas Nkwoagba (p. 179-183). --
Counseling special needs children, their families and the society : a treatise / Tola Odusanya (p. 184-190). --
Planning and implementing differentiated instruction for literacy skills development of special needs children / Ebele Elui (p. 190-200). --
Fostering of learning by pupils with visual impairment, through teacher-parent partnership counselling in Nigeria / J Nanjwan (p. 201-205). --
Managing leisure and recreation for special need children in Schools / Chika Enueme (p. 206-216). Differentiated instruction for children with learning disabilities in schools / P Egaga (p. 217-224). --
Career education : an appropriate educatio for learners with special needs / Y Bolaji (p. 225-234). --
Measures for enhancing human immune virus / acquired immune deficiency symdrome control and awareness among people with special needs / Thomas Alawode (p. 235-236). --
The use of management information system on the exceptional children's education in special education programme / P Lomak (p. 237-244). --
Assisting people with special needs to develop skills for sustainable development / Elizabeth Ugo (p. 245-249). --
Parents as agents of socialization for children with special needs : an objective in social studies / Florence Obi (p. 250-254). --
Entrepreneurship education for persons with special needs in Nigeria / Victor Iroegbu (p. 255-262). Stimulative impact of leisure and recreation on the educatio of the special needs children : the physically and health impaired / W Sanusi (p. 263-268). --
Sustaining people with special needs through vocational and technical education / S.O Eze (p. 269-278). --
Millennium development goals and persons with disabilities / O Kassim (p. 279-283). --
Enhancing learning of persons with visual impairment through information and communication tetchnology [ICT] for effectiveness and sustainable development in Africa / O Ayannuga (p. 284-289). --
Rationale for involving parents and the community in special needs education / I.O Ajibade (p. 290-294). --
Prenatal counselling : a preventive measure against the occurence of intellectual retardation / A.O Olabisi (p. 295-312).