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Energy, environment and sustainable development.
New York
Abstract: This volume presents new information and strategies for managing the energy crisis from the perspective of growing economies. It includes numerous case studies that illustrate the particular challenges encountered by developing countries.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
The Advantages of Involving Women in Sustainable Development Planning --
Development of Solid Waste Management --
Tariff-Its Importance for Sustainability of Power Sector --
South Asia and Management of Energy Security --
Modeling of Energy and Environment for Sustainable Development --
Sustainable Development Indicators for Energy in Pakistan --
Status and Need of Energy Education: The Case of Pakistan --
Survival of Textile Sector Through Energy Management and Monitoring --
Forecasting Electricity Demand for Agricultural and Services Sector of Pakistan --
Solar Drying Technology: Potentials and Developments --
A Promising Technology of Pressure into Power: A Case Study of Pressure into Power Approach in Gas Transmission Lines in Pakistan --
Technologies for Harnessing Tidal Power in Pakistan --
Utilizing Solar Thermal Energy in Textile Processing Units --
Wind Power Performance Improvements Using Artificial Neural Network Controller for DC{u2013}DC Converter --
Practical Application of Solar Energy at Desert of Tharparkar, Pakistan --
Ethanol Production from Molasses Using an Indigenous Strain of Thermotolerant Kluyveromyces marxianus Under Controlled Conditions --
Fluidization in Cold Flow Circulating Fluidized Bed System --
Assessment of Land-Based Pollution Sources in the Mediterranean Sea Along Gaza Coast-Palestine --
Impact of Sewage Water on Quality of Fullali Canal Water, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan --
Environmental Impact of Untreated Effluents from Sugar Industry: Case Study --
Environmental Impacts of KPT Commercial Office Building, Karachi --
Catalytic Effect of BL and BL+Ca Mixed Catalyst on Sulfur-Containing (;asses of Pakistani Lignite Chars --
Improved Sustainability of Cotton Sulfur Dyeing by Pad-Ox Processes --
industrial Effluent Treatment by Photocatalytic Degradation of Sodium I)odecylbenzensulfonate (DBS) --
Municipal Solid Waste Management: Options for Its Treatment and Energy Recovery --
Hospital Waste Generation and Management: A Case Study of Hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan --
Modeling of Solid Waste Management SystemsEcontrol Dyeing Process: An Ecological and Economical Approach --
Cold Pad Batch Dyeing: Eco-friendly Dye Application on Cotton --
Environmental Policies for New Road Network of Pakistan to Control Air Emissions --
Indigenous Knowledge: The Way to Sustainable Development Community Participation in Environmental Issues --
New Stationary Phase Material for GC Separation of Organic Compounds --
Value-Added Product Recovery from Banana Plant Waste: A Sustainable Way for Development.