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Preschool teachers' early perceptions of education for sustainable development in early childhood education.
Abstract: This study explored five preschool teachers' perceptions about Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Early Childhood Education (ECE). Participating teachers provided a wide range of responses about ESD and its related subthemes. The findings of this study show that the participating teachers indicated a willingness to reflect on the principles of sustainable development, a commitment to developmentally appropriate practice, a value for participatory and problem-based curriculum, and appreciation for the benefits of community engagement. Teachers also expressed values of fairness and equality, and being open, honest, and matter-of-fact with children. Teachers were new to the ideas of interdependence, social justice, human rights, and economics education in ECE. The teachers expressed concerns about the inclusion of issues that they considered too complex for children, too personal, or potentially offensive. These findings can inform ideas for beginning professional development and further study for ESD in ECE.
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CHAPTER 1 – The Research Problem
Background and Need for Research
The Current Study
Significance of the Study

CHAPTER 2 – The Literature Review
The Growth of ESD in Teacher Education Journals
ESD Defined
Teacher Perspectives and Comprehension of ESD
Evaluation of ESD: An Emerging Process
A Note about The Human Rights Education Connection
Summary of Literature Review

CHAPTER 3 – Research Methodology
Restatement of Purpose
The Research Questions
Research Design
The Program, The Teachers, and The Setting
The Research Tools: The ERS-SDEC and The Interview Protocol
Data Collection
Data Analysis and Research Timeline
A Note Regarding Trustworthiness

CHAPTER 4 – Research Findings
Research Question One
Research Question Two

CHAPTER 5 – Discussion and Conclusion
Discussion of Methodology
Recommendations for Professional Development
Recommendations for Scholarly Research
Recommendations for the Researcher


Appendix A – The ERS-SDEC (Draft)
Appendix B – The ERS-SDEC Guidance (Draft)
Appendix C – Interview Protocol
Appendix D: Human Subjects Approval