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The Global testing culture : shaping education policy, perceptions, and practice.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Perfect storm : the political economy of community-based management, teacher accountability, and impact evaluations in El Salvador and the global reform agenda / D. Brent Edwards Jr. --
Legitimacy, state-building, and contestation in education policy development : Chile's involvement in cross-national assessments / Rie Kijima, Jane Leer --
Teaching the world that less is more : global education testing and the Finnish national brand / Hilla Auren, Devin Joshi --
Student achievement and PISA rankings : policy effects or cultural explanations? / Ji Liu --
Measuring learning outcomes and education for sustainable development : the new education developmental goal / Angeline M. Barrett --
International space of the Danish testing community in the post-war years / Karen E. Andreasen, Christian Ydesen --
Facilitating student learning : a comparison of classroom and accountability assessment / Sumera Ahsan, William C. Smith --
Beyond the large-scale testing of basic skills : using formative asessement to facilitate learning / Renata Ticha, Brian Albery --
Questioning across the spectrum : pedagogy, selection examinations, and assessment systems in low-income countries / Anthony Somerset --
Evaluation of how the "politics of K-12 testing" impact the effectiveness of global testing programs / Sean W. Mulvenon, Sandra G. Bowman --
How much stakes for tests? : public schooling, private tutoring, and equilibrium / Mariam Orkodashvili --
Testing and school reform in Danish education : an analysis informed by the use of the "dispositive" / Kristine Kousholt, Bjorn Hamre --
South Korea's accountability policy system and national achievement test / Pearl J. Chung, Hyeonwoo Chea --
Discursive hold of the matric : is there space for a new vision for secondary education in South Africa? / David Balwanz --
Horizontal accountability, municipal capability, and the use of the data : a case study of Sweden / Tracey Burns, Patrick Blanchenay, Florian Koester.