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Education for Sustainable Development in Further Education.
Embedding Sustainability into Teaching, Learning and the Curriculum.
This book will enable teachers and managers in the post-compulsory sector to consider a range of approaches to embed Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in their practice in the post-compulsory sector. There will be the opportunity to consider key debates, useful links and suggested reading to encourage further investigation and development of practice. Fundamentally, this book aims to empower teachers to critically analyse ESD through their own subject specialisms, engage in the debate and learn with their students. Democratic and participative approaches introduced will help readers to question traditional transmissive styles of teaching and learning and move on to the radical and transformative approaches required to embrace ESD. Therefore this book, whilst including illustrative examples, will encourage the reader to look at their own subject specialisms, practice, interests and those of their students to co-construct a curriculum that embeds ESD.
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Chapter 1: Introducing Education for Sustainable Development; Roger Cutting and Denise Summers.-

Chapter 2: Becoming Sustainability Champions: How Embracing ESD Can Help Organisations to Change; Pauline Osborne.-

Chapter 3: Embracing Co-operative Inquiry to Embed ESD; Denise Summers.-

Chapter 4: From the Local to the Global and Back Again – Reflections on Journeying to India, Learning about Gandhi′s Philosophy and the Influence on the Professional and the Personal; Denise Summers and Dianne Dowling.-

Chapter 5: Sustaining our Resources; Dianne Dowling.- Chapter

6: Sustainable Assessment: Developing Lifelong Learners; Johanna Witts.-

Chapter 7: Changing Values for a Sustainable Future: The Role of Teaching and Learning; Chris Savory.-

Chapter 8: ESD: That′s Exciting - Taking ′Exciting′ Back to its Original Meaning of Initiating Action within the Classroom; Russell Shobrook.-

Chapter 9: Teaching For Sustainable Learning in an Uncertain Future; Mark Delf and Tanya Ovenden-Hope.-

Chapter 10: Complexity Theory and Emergence: Contributions to ESD; Sarah Chave.-

Chapter 11: Education for Sustainable Development in Initial Teacher Education: From Compliance to Commitment - Sowing the Seeds of Change; Denise Summers.-

Chapter 12: Grandfather′s Axe: Embracing Change While Maintaining Values in Curriculum Development; Sue Webster and Simon Webster.-

Chapter 13 Health and Well-being Matters; Laura Genisi.-

Chapter 14: Student Voice and its Role in Sustainability; Sasha Pleasance.-

Chapter 15: ESD in FE: A Reality Check; Paul Matthews.-

Chapter 16: Sustainability and Community Initiatives: Where's the FE Sector?; Roger Cutting;

Chapter 17: Developing Pedagogic Approaches to Encourage Decision-making, Invention, Innovative Thinking and Problem Solving; Roger Cutting.-

Chapter 18: Looking to the Future …; Denise Summers and Roger Cutting.
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