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Africa in the age of globalisation : perceptions, misperceptions and realities.
This is a collection of bold and visionary scholarship that reveals an insightful exposition of re-visioning African development from African perspectives. It provides educators, policy makers, social workers, non-governmental agencies, and development agencies with an interdisciplinary conceptual base that can effectively guide them in planning and implementing programs for socio-economic development in Africa. The book provides up-to-date scholarly research on continental trends on various subjects and concerns of paramount importance to globalisation and development in Africa.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Introduction: Africa in the age of globalisation / Edward Shizha and Lamine Diallo --
Part 1. Social and institutional development. Globalisation and Africa: critical historical and deconstructive/reconstructive epistemic reflections / Ali A. Abdi --
African development post-2015: sustainable agency or reversion to dependency? / Timothy M. Shaw --
Democracy and governance in Africa: lessons from Senegal / Lamine Diallo --
Globalisation, sovereign debt and adjustment programmes in Africa: implications for creditors, debtors and policy makers in Europe / Gloria T. Emeagwali --
Part 2. Technology and global partnerships. The paradox of broadband access in Sub-Saharan Africa / Akbar M. Saeed and Oliver Masakure --
Aspirations for Senegal: exploring international NGO partnerships / Kathryn Mossman --
Globalisation, NGOs and multi-sectoral relations: Zimbabwean experience 1980-2012 / Gilbert Tarugarira --
China-Japan rivalry in Africa / Bertha Z. Osei-Hwedei --
Part 3. Gender, migration and settlement. Evidence based policy-making in the age of globalisation: measuring the impact of Chinese investments on women in Sub-Saharan Africa / Isioma Ile and Mulugeta F. Dinbabo --
The cracks and the crevices: Rwandan women in the diaspora navigating gender regimes in Rwanda and Canada / Anna Ainsworth --
Gender, contemporary realities, and the challenges of reconstructing identities in a transnational context / Phil Okeke-Ihejirika --
Part 4. Education and globalisation in Africa. Demystifying the misperceptions and realities about the efficacy of monograde and multigrade pedagogies: Africa's response to globalisation in education / Charles Kivunja and Margaret Sims --
Revitalising higher education in the age of globalisation: the African dilemma / Girmaw Abebe Akalu --
Globalising education for globalised labour markets: brain drain or gain for Africa / Edward Shizha.