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Sustainability frontiers.
Critical and transformative voices from the borderlands of sustainability education.
Verlagsinfo: Education for sustainable development, the educational offshoot of the concept of ′sustainable development′, has rapidly become the predominant educational response to the global environmental crisis. The authors apply a critical lens to the field and find it wanting in many regards.

Sustainability Frontiers is an international, academic non-governmental organization based in Canada and the United Kingdom. It engages in research and innovation in the broad fields of sustainability and global education challenging dominant assumptions and current orthodoxies as it seeks to foster learner empowerment and action. It places particular emphasis on climate change, disaster risk reduction and peacebuilding and their implications for the nature and directions of sustainability education.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Foreword: Toh Swee-Hin (UNESCO Prize for Peace Education)

Introduction … Fumiyo Kagawa and David Selby

Chapter 1: Thoughts from a Darkened Corner: Transformative Learning for the Gathering Storm
David Selby

Chapter 2: Education: A Road to Nowhere or a Path for a More Sustainable Future? A Southern Perspective
Edgar Gonzalez-Gaudiano and Evodia Silva-Rivera

Chapter 3: Learning for Cultural Transformation: Lessons from Rural India
Michael G. Jackson

Chapter 4: Transdisciplinary Consumer Pedagogy: Insights From A Panoply of Pioneering, Sustainability-related Pedagogies
Sue McGregor

Chapter 5: The Political Dimension of Environmental Education: Edge and Vertigo
Lucie Sauvé

Chapter 6: Environmental Education and Interculturality Towards A Sustainable Future: Some Sources of Inspiration from Latin America
Eloísa Tréllez Solís

Chapter 7: What Development Education Can Bring to the Sustainability Agenda
Stephen McCloskey

Chapter 8: Peace Ways: Peacebuilding Education for a Sustainable Future
Fumiyo Kagawa

Chapter 9: Challenging Climate ′Inactivism′ and Creating Critical Citizens
Leo Elshof

Chapter 10: Bringing Disaster to the Sustainability Agenda: The Case for Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction with Environmental and Sustainability Education
Fumiyo Kagawa and David Selby

Chapter 11: Re-Imagining Sustainability Education: Emotional and Imaginative Engagement in Learning
Gillian Judson

Chapter 12: Spiritual and Sensory Engagement with the More-than-human: An Ecohumanities Approach to Sustainability Learning
Kumi Kato

Chapter 13: Learning from Wildlife Emotion: A Lacuna in Our Knowledge of Environmental Sustainability
Steve Garlick

Chapter 14: Alter-architects: Alternative Communications about Sustainability Education
Sue McGregor

Endnote: Drawing Threads Together: A Critical and Transformative Agenda for Sustainability Education
David Selby and Fumiyo Kagawa