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Educating science teachers for sustainability.
Zusammenfassung: "This volume contains a unique compilation of research and reflections representing multiple vantage points stemming from different parts of the world that can help science educators and teacher educators in finding ways to meaningfully and purposefully embed sustainability into teaching and learning. It is a rich resource for exploring and contextualizing sustainability-oriented science education."
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Theorizing sustainability : an introduction to science teacher education for sustainability / Allan Feldman and Molly Nation --
A phenomenographic study of beginning elementary science teachers' conceptions of sustainability / Rita Hagevik, Corinne Jordan, and David Wimert --
Sense of place : is it more than a connection to a physical place? / Christine Moseley, Blanche Desjean-Perrotta, and Deepti Kharod --
Building sustainability literacy among preservice teachers : an initial evaluation of a sustainability course designed for K-8 educators / Rider W. Foley, Leanna M. Archambault, and Annie E. Warren --
A fork in the road : reclaiming a conversation on sustainability for science teacher education in the Anthropocene / Deborah Tippins, P. Elizabeth Pate, Stacey Britton, and James Ammons --
Ecology disrupted : using sustainability as a unifying principle for an environmental science course / Yael Wyner --
Transforming science teachers into scientist teachers : how philosophical perspective influences teaching effectiveness / Daryl Moorhead, Gale A. Mentzer, and Charlene M. Czerniak --
A learning progression approach to incorporate climate sustainability into teacher education / Hui Jin, Michele Johnson, and Nissa Rae Yestness --
Integrating sustainability into science teacher education through a focus on climate change / Emily Hestness, J. Randy McGinnis, and Wayne Breslyn --
Pre-service teacher experiences in a teacher education program reoriented to address sustainability / Carlos Ormond [and six others] --
Environmental pedagogical content knowledge : a conceptual framework for teacher knowledge and development / George Zhou --
Re-orienting a science methods course to prepare sustainability literate K-6 pre-service teachers : a mixed methods investigation / George O'Brien [and 3 others] --
Binational study abroad : planning for sustainably literate teachers / Susan K. Stratton --
The Bennett's Millpond Environmental Learning Project : place-based education with student-teacher research teams / Grant E. Gardner [and 5 others] --
Navigating the environmental politics of energy production : using mathematical modeling as a tool for educating science teachers for sustainability / Mark Bloom [and 3 others] --
Incorporating sustainability as a socio-scientific reality into science teacher education / Marianne Logan and Amy Cutter-Mackenzie --
A case study of an Australian University embedding EfS in a pre-service teaching program / Michelle Lasen [and 5 others] --
Some sustainability pathways in Sweden / Ingela Bursjoo --
Using local contexts for learning : the caring for Cambodia approach / Whitney Szmodis, Michael Russell, and Alec M. Bodzin --
Beyond science education : embedding sustainability in teacher education systems / Robert B. Stevenson [and three others] --
Beyond banking education : approaching uncertainty and controversial issues in the science classroom / Lynda Dunlop and Eleanor Brown --
"We weren't taught this way" : overcoming barriers when transitioning to new forms of pedagogy in educating initial science teachers for sustainability / Roger Cutting and Orla Kelly --
Toward a sustainable future : the practice of science teacher education for sustainability / Susan K. Stratton [and 3 others].