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Shaping a New Educational Landscape.
Exploring possibilities for education in the 21st century.
Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world, formal schooling is frequently following rather than leading. The impression is given by central government that the education system serves as a 'thermostat' restoring society's settings in areas such as productivity, citizenship, health, sexual mores and behaviour. Educational reform over the last twenty years has clarified an existing educational process, reformatted the financial management of schools and resuscitated the inspection system. It has not, however, laid the foundations of a world-class future responsive educational system.

Shaping a New Educational Landscape brings together writers considering a wide range of possibilities for future development in education and society from different perspectives. Exploring alternative scenarios and strategies, they are not engaged in making accurate predictions but in unsettling present thinking and stimulating discussion. Together they form a fascinating contribution to the growing debate about how we might generate an educational process that will sponsor new economic paradigms and create a bold participative society on the new global stage.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Preface \ Foreword (Ann Holt) \

Part 1: The Future is Now \

1. Future Tense (Max Coates) \ Interleaf: How I see the Future (Caitlin Lord)
2. The Shape of the Future (Chris Yapp)
3. Global Economics and the Nature of Work (Richard Crabtree) \
4. Value Added: learning to make people thicker (Russell Rook) \
5. Changes in the School Workforce (Patricia Collarbone) \
6. Gateway: the ownership of education by communities (Max Coates)

Part 2: The Evolving School
7. From Schooling to Learning (John West-Burnham)
8. Achieving System-wide School Transformation: the argument in brief (David Hopkins)
9. Future Leadership: Challenges and Implications (Alma Harris)
10. Community Renaissance (Paul Clarke)
11. The Global Context of Local School Leadership (Raphael Wilkins)
12. Independent Education: custodian of the past or contributor to the future (Chris Wright\

Part 3: The Changing Classroom
13. Neuroscience, Education and the Decline of Self Deception (Will Thomas)
14. Rousseau Revisited: formal and personal education (John Eaton)
15. The Impact of Modern Communication Technology on Education (Wim Veen and Jan-Paul van Staalduinen) \ Interleaf: How I see the Future (Steve Coates)
16. Deckchairs on the Titanic (Max Coates) \ Afterword \ Bibliography
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