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Just Sustainability.
Technology, Ecology, and Resource Extraction.
This book is a study of the social, economic, and conceptual changes needed on a global level for all of life to flourish in the 21st century. It begins from the premise that any viable path to sustainability must also be just—whether as norms guiding policy decisions or in the development of a comprehensive ethics of ecology. The essays that constitute Just Sustainability explore and develop concepts that have emerged in environmental ethics as well as those that have become central to Catholic thought and magisterial teaching in the contexts of economic development, technological innovation, and environmental degradation.

Essays are thematized around particular locations (Part I), global structures (Part II), and theological stances (Part III). Thirty contributors from six continents write from a wide variety of social, ethnic, geographic, and economic backgrounds. Together, these contributors identify pressing issues of environmental degradation, its significant effects, and a range of ethical and moral responses. Just Sustainability represents an important contribution to discourse and discernment in both environmental ethics and ecological theology.
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Acknowledgments xi
Introduction: On Just Sustainability and Its Challenges
Christiana Z. Peppard and Andrea Vicini, SJ

Part I: Locations

Sustainability in the Baltic States: Insights from Ecofeminism
Dzintra Ilisko

Sustainability and Responsible Energy Supply from the Perspective of the Churches in Germany
Markus Vogt

The Case of Micronesia
Francis X. Hezel, SJ

Nature, Human Beings, and Nuclear Power in Japan
Osamu Takeuchi, SJ

Participation Is the Path to Sustainable Development:
Developmental Projects and Involuntary Displacement in India
John Karuvelil, SJ

Ecology, Moral Theology, and Spirituality: A Perspective from the
Democratic Republic of Congo
Viviane Minikongo Mundele

Theological Perspectives on Governance in the Mining Sector in the
Democratic Republic of Congo
Muhigirwa Rusembuka Ferdinand, SJ

The Problem of Economic Sustainability in Nigeria:
A Call for a New Paradigm
Benedict Chidi Nwachukwu-Udaku

The Cry of Nature in the World of the Poor: The Case of Brazil
João Batista Libanio, SJ

Social Sustainability in Mexico
Miguel Ángel Sánchez Carlos

Can Agriculture Be Sustainable in the United States?
Kenneth M. Weare

Part II: Structures

The Political Economy of Sustainability
John Sniegocki

New Measures for Justice, Ecological Wisdom, and Integral Development
Dennis T. Gonzalez

Toward Sustainability in Urban Planning: The Case of Kenya
Constansia Mumma-Martinon

Of Empty Granaries, Stolen Harvests, and the Weapon of Grain:
Applied Ethics in Search of Sustainable Food Security
Teresia Hinga

The Unsavory Gamble of Industrial Agriculture
Mark Graham

Sustainable Mining in South Africa: A Concept in Search of a Theory
Peter Knox, SJ

Health Systems Challenges, National HIV/AIDS Response,
and Public Health Policy in Chad: Ethical and Efficiency
Requirements for Sustainable Health Systems
Jacquineau Azétsop, SJ

Technology, Ecology, and the Divine: A Critical Look at
New Technologies through a Theology of Gratuitousness
Celia Deane-Drummond

Part III: Theological Stances and Sustainable Relations

Humans and Other Creatures: Creation, Original Grace, and Original Sin
Denis Edwards

The Ecclesial Contribution to Sustainable Communities
Randy J. C. Odchigue

Feminism and Ecology
Ann Marie Mealey

A Catholic Virtues Ecology
Nancy M. Rourke

Unleashing Catholicism′s Stranded Assets in the Fight for
Just Sustainability
Christine Firer Hinze

The Exploitation of Natural Resources: Reconfiguring Economic
Relations toward a Community-of-Interests Perspective
Edward Osang Obi, MSP

By Night in a Pillar of Fire: A Theological Analysis of Renewable Energy
Erin Lothes Biviano

Fostering Just Sustainability through Ignatian Spirituality
Daniel R. DiLeo

Education for Just Sustainability in Malawi
Peter J. Henriot, SJ