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Lake Baikal Box.
A Toolkit for Primary and Middle Grade Students.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Part 1. Baikal: a Miracle of Nature
Where is Baikal?
Baikal´s Birthday
Why is our lake called Baikal?
The deepest lake...
The mountains around Baikal
The islands and headlands of Baikal
The Sacred Nose Peninsula
336 rivers flow into Baikal
The Angara is the only river flowing out of Baikal
Little lakes around Baikal
Proval Bay
Baikal´s weather
The winds of Baikal
Think, Play, Experiment, Create together!

Part 2. The Wonders of Baikal Water
Unique properties of Baikal water
Why does the colour of water in Baikal change?
Baikal waves
Baikal ice
The living water filters of Baikal. The Baikal Sponge
Venus amphipods and Bormashi
Baikal epischura
Think, Play, Experiment, Create together!

Part 3. Above Water and Under Water
Birds of Baikal
Gulls of Baikal: Yellow-legged Gull, Common Tern
Are all waterfowl birds the same? Tufted Duck, Great-crested Grebe, Green-winged Teal, Garganey, Mallard Duck, Ruddy Shelduck
The Great Cormorant
Shore Birds
"Every sandpiper praises its own bog": Common Sandpiper, Little Stint, Oyster Catcher
The Grey Heron
The Wagtail
The Dipper
Routes of birds from Baikal to their wintering grounds
Fish of Baikal
Best-known fish of Baikal: the Baikal Omul, the Baikal Sturgeon, the Whitefish, the Black and the White Grayling
Fish known to Everyone: the Siberian Roach, the Sazan, the Silver crucian
Who are those Fish-predators? The Perch, the Pike, the Taimen, the Burbot
Endemics of Baikal: the Baikal Sculpin, the Oil Fish
The Baikal Seal (Nerpa)
Think, Play, Experiment, Create together!

Part 4. Baikal´s Secret Trails
Under the protection of the State
Specially Protected Natural Areas
Nature Reserves: Barguzin Reserve, Dzherginsky Reserve, Baikalsky Reserve, Baikal-Lensky Reserve
National Parks: Tunkinsky Natinal Park, Trans-Baikal National Park
Wildlilfe Sanctuaries: Frolikhinsky Wildlife Sanctuary, Enkhalooksky Wildlife Sanctuary
Natural Monuments: the Mysterious Ushkan Islands, the "Singing Sands" of Turali, "The Stilted Trees", The Ininsky Stone Garden
Peoples of Baikal: the Evenks, the Buryats, the Russians
Ecological Traditions and Customs of the Buryat Peoples
Ecological Problems of Baikal
Human activity on the shores of Lake Baikal:
A waste problem on the shores of Baikal
Water and air pollution
SOS! Fire!
Garbage on the shore of Baikal
Think, Play, Experiment, Create together!

Part 5. It´s Interesting and Entertaining
The first reports of Baikal
European researchers of Baikal (18th and 19th centuries)
Native scientists
Chronology of Baikal research
MIR Submersibles on Baikal
Underwater ecosystem of Baikal
Baikal in figures
Topology of the Baikal coast
Baikal legends and fairy tales
Our love for Baikal: Poems about the lake
Think, Play, Experiment, Create together!