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Implementation of alternative transport networks in university campuses: The case of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
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International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
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– In order to alleviate the impacts of traffic congestion that undermine the mobility and accessibility conditions of the Aristotle University campus, the paper aims at the presentation and description of a complementary network of alternative modes (i.e. pedestrian and bicycle) and the discussion of the appropriate measures for its successful implementation in the campus.

– The methodological approach of the paper is twofold: the overview of good practices for implementing cycling and pedestrian networks in European university campuses in an attempt to identify an integrated activity framework compatible to the European approach; and a questionnaire survey for the assessment of the modal split for trips towards and from the campus and the current mobility and accessibility conditions for pedestrians and cyclists in the Aristotle University campus.

– The successful implementation of alternative transport networks in university campuses depends on the specific features of each campus in relation to the urban transport network and the commuting characteristics of staff and students. In the case of the Aristotle University campus, the modal split shows that 2/3 of campus-related trips are conducted by motorised transport while the share of bicycle use is very low. In order to promote cycling and walking in the campus, a combined approach must be adopted based on five fields of activity: policy; research; design; support and promotion; and monitoring.

Research limitations/implications
– The paper derives from the research initiatives of the Aristotle University's Sustainable Mobility Committee, which was founded in order to promote sustainable solutions for the campus's transport system.

– The paper provides a common and integrated activity framework for the implementation of an alternative transport network in a university campus based on the extensive overview of European experience. Furthermore, it develops for the first time a full proposal for the implementation of a pedestrian and bicycle network in the Aristotle University campus, which is one of the oldest and largest campuses in Greece.
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