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BNELIT - Datenbank zu Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wissenschaftliche Literatur und Materialien
Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Baumgärtner, J.; Tikubet, G.; Gilioli, G. Towards Adaptive Governance of Common-Pool Mountainous Agropastoral Systems. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1448-1471;

Gnanapragasam, N.; Reddy, B.; Rosen, M. A Methodology for Assessing the Sustainability of Hydrogen Production from Solid Fuels. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1472-1491;

Paloviita, A. Consumers′ Sustainability Perceptions of the Supply Chain of Locally Produced Food. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1492-1509;

Ordóñez, C.; Duinker, P. Interpreting Sustainability for Urban Forests. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1510-1522;

Olabisi, L. The System Dynamics of Forest Cover in the Developing World: Researcher Versus Community Perspectives. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1523-1535;

Wald, D.; Hostetler, M. Conservation Value of Residential Open Space: Designation and Management Language of Florida′s Land Development Regulations. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1536-1552;

Uwasu, M.; Jiang, Y.; Saijo, T. On the Chinese Carbon Reduction Target. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1553-1557;

Uduma, K.; Arciszewski, T. Sustainable Energy Development: The Key to a Stable Nigeria. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1558-1570;

Pérez, J. The Real Estate and Economic Crisis: An Opportunity for Urban Return and Rehabilitation Policies in Spain. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1571-1601;

Rampelotto, P. Resistance of Microorganisms to Extreme Environmental Conditions and Its Contribution to Astrobiology. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1602-1623;

Kolb, V. On the Applicability of the Green Chemistry Principles to Sustainability of Organic Matter on Asteroids. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1624-1631;

Lee, S.; Na, S. E-Waste Recycling Systems and Sound Circulative Economies in East Asia: A Comparative Analysis of Systems in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1632-1644;

Wiedmann, T.; Barrett, J. A Review of the Ecological Footprint Indicator—Perceptions and Methods. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1645-1693;

Goepel, M. Formulating Future Just Policies: Applying the Delhi Sustainable Development Law Principles. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1694-1718;

Skerratt, S. Hot Spots and Not Spots: Addressing Infrastructure and Service Provision through Combined Approaches in Rural Scotland. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1719-1741;

Fahmi, W.; Sutton, K. Cairo′s Contested Garbage: Sustainable Solid Waste Management and the Zabaleen′s Right to the City. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1765-1783;

Medina, R.; Tarlock, A. Addressing Climate Change at the State and Local Level: Using Land Use Controls to Reduce Automobile Emissions. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1742-1764;

Sorrell, S. Energy, Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability: Five Propositions. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1784-1809;

Clausen, J.; Blättel-Mink, B.; Erdmann, L.; Henseling, C. Contribution of Online Trading of Used Goods to Resource Efficiency: An Empirical Study of eBay Users. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1810-1830;

Jupesta, J. Impact of the Introduction of Biofuel in the Transportation Sector in Indonesia. Sustainability 2010, 2(6), 1831-1848;