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BNELIT - Datenbank zu Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wissenschaftliche Literatur und Materialien
Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Dubuisson-Quellier, S. From Consumerism to the Empowerment of Consumers: The Case of Consumer Oriented Movements in France. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 1849-1868;

Skill, K.; Gyberg, P. Framing Devices in the Creation of Environmental Responsibility: A Qualitative Study from Sweden. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 1869-1886;

Spaargaren, G.; Oosterveer, P. Citizen-Consumers as Agents of Change in Globalizing Modernity: The Case of Sustainable Consumption. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 1887-1908;

Harwood, S. Planning for Community Based Tourism in a Remote Location. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 1909-1923;

Abbott, K.; Marchant, G. Institutionalizing Sustainability across the Federal Government. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 1924-1942;

Lam, C.; Ip, A.; Barford, J.; McKay, G. Use of Incineration MSW Ash: A Review. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 1943-1968;

Ivarsson, M.; Lindgren, P. The Search for Sustainable Subsurface Habitats on Mars, and the Sampling of Impact Ejecta. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 1969-1990;

König, H.; Schuler, J.; Suarma, U.; McNeill, D.; Imbernon, J.; Damayanti, F.; Dalimunthe, S.; Uthes, S.; Sartohadi, J.; Helming, K.; Morris, J. Assessing the Impact of Land Use Policy on Urban-Rural Sustainability Using the FoPIA Approach in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 1991-2009;

Bragança, L.; Mateus, R.; Koukkari, H. Building Sustainability Assessment. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2010-2023;

Khoi, D.; Murayama, Y. Delineation of Suitable Cropland Areas Using a GIS Based Multi-Criteria Evaluation Approach in the Tam Dao National Park Region, Vietnam. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2024-2043;

Norman, L.; Tallent-Halsell, N.; Labiosa, W.; Weber, M.; McCoy, A.; Hirschboeck, K.; Callegary, J.; Van Riper, C.; Gray, F. Developing an Ecosystem Services Online Decision Support Tool to Assess the Impacts of Climate Change and Urban Growth in the Santa Cruz Watershed; Where We Live, Work, and Play. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2044-2069;

Marmolejo, L.; Diaz, L.; Torres, P.; García, M.; Burbano, M.; Blanco, C.; Erazo, K.; Pereira, J. Influence of Handling Practices on Material Recovery from Residential Solid Waste. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2070-2083;

Broer, S.; Titheridge, H. Eco-Self-Build Housing Communities: Are They Feasible and Can They Lead to Sustainable and Low Carbon Lifestyles?. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2084-2116;

Moerschbaecher, M.; Day, J. The Greenhouse Gas Inventory of Louisiana State University: A Case Study of the Energy Requirements of Public Higher Education in the United States. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2117-2134;

Bowen, B.; Lynch, D.; Lynch, D.; Henihan, A.; Leahy, J.; McDonnell, K. Biosecurity on Poultry Farms from On-Farm Fluidized Bed Combustion and Energy Recovery from Poultry Litter. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2135-2143;

Nguyen, T.; Ford, A. Learning from the Neighbors: Economic and Environmental Impacts from Intensive Shrimp Farming in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2144-2162;

Landolfo, R.; Cascini, L.; Portioli, F. Modeling of Metal Structure Corrosion Damage: A State of the Art Report. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2163-2175;

Adler, R. Drought, Sustainability, and the Law. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2176-2196;

Greiner, R. Improving the Net Benefits from Tourism for People Living in Remote Northern Australia. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2197-2218;

Schirmer, M.; Niemes, H. Sustainable Technologies and Social Costs for Eliminating Contamination of an Aquifer. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2219-2231;

Mont, O.; Power, K. The Role of Formal and Informal Forces in Shaping Consumption and Implications for a Sustainable Society. Part I. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2232-2252;

Katoshevski-Cavari, R.; Arentze, T.; Timmermans, H. A Multi-Agent Planning Support-System for Assessing Externalities of Urban Form Scenarios: Results of Case Studies. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2253-2278;

Turner, R. Discourses of Consumption in US-American Culture. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2279-2301;

White, S. Out of the Rubble and Towards a Sustainable Future: The ″Greening″ of Greensburg, Kansas. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2302-2319;

Schutz, A. Grassland Governance and Common-Interest Communities. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2320-2348;

Sahakian, M. Combining Life Cycle Thinking with Social Theory: Case Study of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) in the Philippines. Sustainability 2010, 2(7), 2349-2364;