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System archetypes to diagnose challenges of sustainable consumption and production in the food sector.
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Sustainable Consumption 2008.
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The conference paper is aiming at demonstrating some of the relevant findings of the SYSCONS2 research project carried out in year 2007. In order to describe the causalities in the consumption and production system the researchers have used causal loop diagrams, behaviour over time graphs and system archetypes since policy making is part of a complex system where various components are in a non-linear, complex interrelationship, Archetypes are characteristic system patterns, which have been identified and applied in the organisational management literature. These archetypes result in typical system behaviours and are useful to diagnose or prospect potential problems in the operation of a system. This conference proceedings paper is aiming at presenting a case study to exemplify the use of system archetypes on the food sector, an area of the production and consumption system, which is identified as one of the sectors with the highest impacts on the environment.