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The New Middle Classes.
Globalizing Lifestyles, Consumerism and Environmental Concerns.
The new middle classes of developing countries are held responsible for boosting extremely resource-intensive lifestyles beyond the OECD-world thus thwarting ongoing efforts to attain a more sustainable future. But how homogeneous are their consumption patterns and why should not globalization include the extension of environmental concern, too? "The New Middle Classes" challenges a narrow understanding of lifestyles and consumption by analyzing the issue not only in terms of attitudes and preferences but of socio-economic features and governmental policies, too. Original contributions from internationally renowned researchers bring fresh multidisciplinary insights in both theoretical and empirical respect. "The New Middle Classes" will be of interest mainly to sociologists, political scientists, human geographers, and anthropologists.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
1 Who are the New Middle Classes and why are they Given so Much Public Attention?
Hellmuth Lange and Lars Meier

Part I Modernities, Globalization and Consumption

2 Convergence and Divergence in Societal Modernization: Global trends, Regional Variations, and Some Implications for Sustainability
Volker H. Schmidt

3 Consumerist Lifestyles in the Context of Globalization: Investigating Scenarios of Homogenization, Diversification and Hybridization
Katina Kuhn

4 Who are the Globalizers? The Role of Education and Educational Elites
Steffen Mau

5 Provider Strategies and the Greening of Consumption Practices: Exploring the Role of Companies in Sustainable Consumption
G. Spaargaren and C.S.A. (Kris) van Koppen

6 From Small Objects to Cars: Consumption Expansion in East Asia
Beng Huat Chua

Part II New Middle Classes in China, Brazil, Ecuador and Israel

7 Rising Capitalism, Emerging Middle-Classes and Environmental Perspectives in China: A Weberian Approach
Fritz Reusswig and Andre Isensee

8 Globalization of Lifestyle: Golfing in China
Yaoqi Zhang, Jinyang Deng, Suman Majumdar and Bin Zheng

9 Who are the Knowledge Workers of Campinas, SP, Brazil and how do they Live? Local Impacts of Global Trends
Leonardo Freire de Mello

10 Sustainability of a Life Mas Comodo? Agricultural Change, Remaking Families, and the Emerging Indigenous Middle Class in the Ecuadorian Andes
Jason Pribilsky

11 New Middle Class and Environmental Lifestyle in Israel
Tally Katz-Gerro

Part III New Middle Classes in India

12 The Political Economy of Lifestyle: Consumption, India's New Middle Class and State-Led Development
Leela Fernandes

13 "Environmentally" in the Neoliberal City: Attitudes, Governance and Social Justice
Emma Mawdsley

14 India's 'New Middle Class' and the Globalising City: Software Professionals in Bangalore, India
Carol Upadhya

15 The Changing Food Scenario and the Middle Classes in the Emerging Megacity of Hyderabad, India
Christoph Dittrich

16 Highly Qualified Employees in Bangalore, India: Consumerist Predators?
Hellmuth Lange, Lars Meier, and N.S. Anuradha