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The Earthscan reader in sustainable consumption.
Sustainable consumption is a controversial concept: politically, socially and intellectually. Consumption drives our economies and defines our lives; making it sustainable is an enormous and essential challenge. The World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 set in place a 10-year programme of effort by national governments to develop strategies for sustainable consumption and production. The problem of changing consumer behaviour and making our lives more sustainable continues to challenge opinion-formers and policy-makers alike.
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1 Readings in Sustainable Consumption
Tim Jackson

Part 1 Framing Sustainable Consumption
2 Consumption from a Human Development Perspective
United Nations Development Programme
3 Making Sense of Sustainable Consumption
Nick Robins and Sarah Roberts
4 Consumption and Its Externalities: Where Economy Meets Ecology
Thomas Princen
5 Pursuing More Sustainable Consumption by Analysing Household Metabolism in European Countries and Cities
Henri C. Moll, Klaasjan Noorman, Rixt Kok, Rebecka Engstrom, Harold Throne-Hoist and Charlotte Clark
6 Accounting for Sustainable Consumption: A Review of Studies of the Environmental Impacts of Households
Edgar G. Hertwich
7 Challenges for Sustainable Consumption Policy
Tim Jackson

Part 2 Resisting Consumerism
8 The Dubious Rewards of Consumption
Alan Durning
9 The New Commodity Fetishism
Fred Hirsch
10 False Connections
Alex Kotlowitz
11 Living More Simply
Duane Elgin
12 Voluntary Simplicity: Characterization, Select Psychological Implications and Societal Consequences
Amitai Etzioni
13 Learning Diderot's Lesson: Stopping the Upward Creep of Desire
Juliet Schor

Part 3 Resisting Simplicity
14 The Politics of Sustainable Consumption: The Case of the Netherlands
Susan Martens and Gert Spaargaren
15 The Poverty of Morality
Daniel Miller
16 Relative Poverty — Relative Communication
Mary Douglas
17 Two Alternative Economic Models of Why Enough Will Never Be Enough
KjellArne Brekke and Richard B. Howarth
18 The Evocative Power of Things: Consumer Goods and the Preservation of Hopes and Ideals
Grant McCracken
19 Consuming Goods and the Good of Consuming
Colin Campbell

Part 4 Reframing Sustainable Consumption
20 Efficiency and Consumption: Technology and Practice
Elizabeth Shove
21 Competing Discourses of Sustainable Consumption: Does the 'Rationalization of Lifestyles' Make Sense?
Kersty Hobson
22 Ethics of Consumption
Laurie Michaelis
23 Making Ends Meet - in the Household and on the Planet
Karl Dake and Michael Thompson
24 The Costs and Benefits of Consuming
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
25 Consuming Paradise? Towards a Social and Cultural Psychology of Sustainable Consumption
Tim Jackson
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