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Sustainable Energy Production and Consumption.
Benefits, Strategies and Environmental Costing.
The book, like the meeting itself, deals with very crucial aspects of the energy/environmental/social problem such as energy and economic growth, integrated analysis of societal and ecosystem metabolism, status, development and use of renewable energy sources at regional level, and zero emission production patterns in agriculture, industry and the energy sectors. The authors treat in depth all the aspects linked to evaluation methods, multidisciplinary integration of approaches, economic problems of energy use, competition of bioenergy with food production and environmental protection, peak oil and strategies to deal with, trade and societal metabolism. The close interrelationship of these topics emerges very clearly. So much so that the presentations definitely help to place the individual projects and research activities within a larger societal and environmental frame for increased sustainability. Special focus is placed on the fact that increase of renewables, diversification of sources, and decentralization of energy production and use are capable of increasing energy security and environmental integrity.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

1. Energy and Economic Growth
Robert U. Ayres

2. Win-Win Strategies for Tackling Oil and Natural Gas Constraints while Expanding Renewable Energy Use
Michael Jefferson

3. After the Fossil Era
Luigi Sertorio

4. Biomass or Biomess? The promises and Limits of Bioenergy
Joachim H. Spangenberg

5. Cost and Environmental Effectiveness of the Climate Change Mitigation Measures
Natasa Markovska, Mirko Todorovski, Tome Bosevski, and Jordan Pop-Jordanov

6. Sustainable Environmental Management in Croatia – Waste and Climate Change
Daniel R. Schneider

7. Studying the ″Addiction to Oil″ of Developed Societies Using the Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Societal Metabolism (MSIASM)87
Mario Giampietro

8. Systemic Economic Instruments for Energy, Climate, and Global Security
James Greyson

9. Sustainability and Economic Feasibility of Combinations of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Fossil Fuels for Production of Heat and Electricity
Kiril Popovski and Sanja Popovska Vasilevska

10. Third Party Financing: New Financial Tools for Energy Efficiency – An International Perspective
Claudio Ferrari

11.Vital Problems of Human Development, Indicators and Eco-Centric Solutions
Alexander Gorobets

12. Lifestyles, Energy, and Sustainability: The Exploration of Constraints
Igor Matutinovic

13. Approaches to Sustainable Energy Consumption Patterns
Damjan Krajnc, Rebeka Lukman and Peter Glavic

14. Energy, Environment and Security in Eastern Europe
Oleg Udovyk

15. Capacity Building for Sustainable Energy Access in the Sahel/Sahara Region: Wind Energy as Catalyst for Regional Development
Khalid Benhamou

16. Bio-diesel and/or Hydrogen in Croatia – Challenge and Necessity
Ante Krstulovic and Frano Barbir

17. Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research for Future Markets
Hanns-Joachim Neef

18. Hydrogen Production from Biomass
Mu′taz Al-Alawi

19. PV Large Scale Rural Electrification Programs and the Development of Desert Regions
Sifeddine Labed

20. Life Cycle Impacts and Total Costs of Present and Future Photovoltaic Systems: State-of-the Art and Future Outlook of a Strategic Technology Option for a Sustainable Energy System
Marco Raugei and Paolo Frankl

21. Integrated Systems and Zero Emission Production Patterns in Agriculture, Industry and the Energy Sector – Why ″Green″ is not Enough
Sergio Ulgiati, Amalia Zucaro and Stefano Dumontet

22. Biorefinery: Biomaterials and Bioenergy from Photosynthesis, within Zero Emission Framework
Janis Gravitis

23. Geographical Information System (GIS) and Emergy Synthesis Evaluation of Urban waste Management
Pier Paolo Franzese, Giovanni Fulvio Russo and Sergio Ulgiati

24. Elements of Global Roadmap for Climate Sustainability: Factors Affecting the Reduction of CO Emissions
Mia Pihlajamäki, Jyrki Luukkanen and Jarmo Vehmas

25. Carbon Management for Secure Communities
Nigel Mortimer

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