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Sustainability assessment tools in higher education institutions.
Mapping Trends and Good Practices Around the World.
This book contributes to debates on current sustainability practices, with a focus on assessment tools as applied in higher education institutions. These institutions are challenged to carry out management, research, and teaching, and to create settings that allow developing new competencies to address the complex global environmental, social, cultural, and economic pressures with which current and future generations are confronted.

The first chapters discuss issues of sustainability in higher education, namely the role of universities in promoting sustainability and the emergent fields of sustainability science and education for sustainable development and how to integrate and motivate sustainability into the university. Subsequent chapters present examples of sustainability assessment tools specifically developed for higher education institutions, such as the AISHE – Auditing Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education, the GASU – Graphical Assessment of Sustainability in Universities too, the STAUNCH – Sustainability tool for Auditing Universities Curricula in Higher Education. The use of other integrated tools are also presented. The papers have adopted a pragmatic approach, characterized by conceptual descriptions, including sustainability assessment and reorienting the curricula, on the one hand, and practical experiences on the other, with good practices from different edges of the world.

Sustainability Assessment Tools in Higher Education Institutions will be of interest to graduate student, lecturers, researchers, and those setting university policy.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Sustainability Science and Education for Sustainable Development in Universities: A Way for Transition
Disterheft, Antje

Being Scared is not Enough! Motivators for Education for Sustainable Development
Mulder, Karel F.

Time and Sustainability Metrics in Higher Educatio
Derrick, Stephen

Integrating Sustainability into the University: Past, Present, and Future
Amador, Filomena

Sustainability Assessment: The Role of Indicators
Ramos, Tomás

A Strategy and a Toolkit to Realize System Integration of Sustainable Development (SISD)
Roorda, Niko

Assessing Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Higher Education Assessment Frameworks Explained
Boer, Pieternel

Alternative University Appraisal (AUA): Reconstructing Universities′ Ranking and Rating Toward a Sustainable Future
Abdul Razak, Dzulkifli

Sustainability Assessment in Higher Education: Evaluating the use of the Auditing Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education (AISHE) in Belgium
Lambrechts, Wim

Perspectives on Sustainability Governance from Universities in the USA, UK, and Germany: How do Change Agents Employ Different Tools to Alter Organizational Cultures and Structures?
Spira, Felix

Developing a University Sustainability Report: Experiences from the University of Leeds
Lozano, Rodrigo

A Whole Sector Approach: Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship in Wales
Glover, Alison

Integration of Operational and Academic Efforts in Sustainability at the University of British Columbia
Cayuela, Alberto

An Indicator-Based Approach to Sustainability Monitoring and Mainstreaming at Universiti Sains Malaysia
Koshy, Kanayathu C.

The Unit-Based Sustainability Assessment Tool and its use in the UNEP Mainstreaming Environment and Sustainability in African Universities Partnership
Togo, Muchaiteyi

A Syllabus for Resilience in Higher Education
Mathaisel, Dennis F. X.

A Discipline-Based Model for Embedding Sustainability in University Curricula
Chambers, Dianne P.

A Methodology for Reorienting University Curricula to Address Sustainability: The RUCAS-Tempus Project Initiative
Makrakis, Vassilios

The Low Carbon Curriculum at the University of Newcastle, Australia
Date-Huxtable, Elizabeth

Assessing Sustainability in University curricula: Case Studies from the University of Leeds and the Georgia Institute of Technology
Lozano, Rodrigo

ICTs and the Design of Sustainable Higher Education Teaching Models: An Environmental Assessment of UK Courses
Caird, Sally

Action Research in Communities of Practice to Develop Curricula for Sustainability in Higher Education
Sibbel, Anne

Education for and Through sustainability: Toward Interdisciplinary Dialogue
Rogers, J.

Education for Sustainable Development: Trends in Indian Business Schools and Universities in a Post Liberalization Era
Rao, Prakash