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Higher education and the challenge of sustainability.
Problematics, promise, and practice.
Sustainability challenges universities around the world to rethink their missions and to re-structure their courses, research programs, and life on campus. Graduates are increasingly exposed to notions of sustainability, which are emotionally, politically, ethically, and scientifically charged. They must be able to deal with conflicting norms and values, uncertain outcomes and futures, and a changing knowledge base. At the same time they will need to be able to contextualize knowledge in an increasingly globalized society. This book provides a variety of valuable theoretical and practical resources for students, teachers, researchers, and administrators who seek to integrate sustainability in higher education. Sustainability is not only explored as both an outcome and a process of learning, but as a catalyst for educational change and institutional innovation. The book raises the various problematics related to this inchoate field and provides an intellectual history and critical assessment of the prospects for institutionalizing sustainability in higher education.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
The problematics of sustainability in higher education : an introduction
The evolution of sustainability declarations in higher education
Sustainability as emergence : the need for engaged discourse
Critical realism : a philosophical framework for higher education for sustainability

Higher education, sustainability, and the role of systemic learning
Assessing sustainability : criteria, tools, and implications
The problematics of sustainability in higher education : a synthesis
The promise of sustainability in higher education : an introduction
Environmental education for sustainability : a force for change in higher education

The contribution of environmental justice to sustainability in higher education
Learning our way to a sustainable and desirable world : ideas inspired by Arne Naess and deep ecology
The contribution of ecofeminist perspectives to sustainability in higher education

Sustainability and transformative educational vision
Teaching interactive approaches to natural resource management : a key ingredient in the development of sustainability in higher education
Living sustainably through higher education : a whole systems design approach to organizational change
Disciplinary explorations of sustainable development in higher education
The promise of sustainability in higher education : a synthesis
The practice of sustainability in higher education : an introduction
Education and sustainable development in United Kingdom universities : a critical exploration
Lighting many fires : South Carolina's sustainable universities initiative
Integrating education for the environment and sustainability into higher education at Middlebury College
Sustainability in higher education through distance learning : the Master of Arts in Environmental Education at Nottingham Trent University

A pedagogy of place : the Environmental Technology Center at Sonoma State University
Policy development for sustainability in higher education : the auditing instrument for sustainability in higher education
Curriculum deliberation amongst adult learners in South African community contexts at Rhodes Universityp.

Incorporating sustainability in the education of natural resource managers : curriculum innovation at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Denmark
The practice of sustainability in higher education : a synthesis
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