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Rethinking Work and Learning.
Adult and Vocational Education for Social Sustainability.
This volume brings together an international group of contributors to explore ways in which social sustainability can be integrated into Adult and Vocational Education (AVE) practices. While it is clear that given the rapid change of work, job-specific training for adults is clearly vital the world over, it is argued here that job-specific training needs re-orientation to include life-specific learning as well. This can come about when the learning opportunities to which citizens have access prepare them for participation in work which is economically productive and at the same time engages them in related civic activities which promote environmental and social sustainability. The re-orientation of current AVE systems can be achieved in two ways: by broadening the educational agenda to include elements of environmental science, politics and the arts, and by including more dialogic and collaborative teaching and learning styles.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Introduction: challenges in adult and vocational education for social sustainability
Social sustainability perspectives in adult and vocational education
Advancing social sustainability through vocational education and training
An ecology for the fourth pillar: imaginal learning for social sustainability in AVE

The historical contribution of AVE to social sustainability in Australia
The language of longing: rationality, morality, and experience in education for sustainability
Foundations for social sustainability in adult and vocational education
Educating for a sustainable democracy
Transformative learning and AVE for social sustainability
Education, religion, sustainability, and dialogue
The role of religion in education for social sustainability
Creating spaces for social sustainability in adult and vocational education
Claiming sustainable space: families, communities, and learning, an auto/biographical perspective
Health literacy and AVE for social sustainability
Education in post-conflict environments: pathways to sustainable peace?
Social sustainability and activation strategies with unemployed young adults
Adult and vocational education for social sustainability in action
Chasing the vultures off the roof: AVE for living in Sierra Leone
The contribution of non-formal adult education to sustainability: policy implications from case studies in the Asia-Pacific region
Community adult learning contributions to social sustainability in the Asia-South Pacific region: the role of ASPBAE
Birds learn to swim and fish learn to fly: lessons from the Philippines on AVE for social sustainability
Breaking the silence: exploring spirituality in secular professional education in Australia
Waldorf Schools as communities of practice for AVE and social sustainability
Conclusion. AVE for social sustainability: where to from here?
Table of Contents provided by Blackwell's Book Services and R.R. Bowker. Used with permission.