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Sustainable Water Use and Management.
Examples of New Approaches and Perspectives.
Contributing to the growing debate on the need for sustainable water use and management, with concrete examples of new approaches, concepts, arguments, methods and findings which illustrate how this can be achieved, this book will be attractive for large groups of readers familiar with one or more of the themes it tackles, and to the general public. Within this context, the book makes use of many tables and graphics, which bring the many messages together. This approach is intended not only for those working on water matters (e.g. bureaucrats, water managers, policymakers, journalists, etc.) and interested in water management issues and sustainability at large, but also for students of water management, water politics, environmental policy, water economics, water engineering and sustainability studies. Located at the crossroads of two key phenomena: sustainability and water, this book brings forward academic research and discussions on water efficiency, new technologies, and the water-agriculture nexus. It also benefits readers by tackling matters related to trans-boundary cooperation on water (including rainwater) and river-basin management, pricing issues, participatory water management, and the role of women in sustainable water use, amongst others.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Part I Approaches in Sustainable Water Use and Management

Ethics, Sustainability, and Water Management: A Canadian Case Study
Ingrid Leman Stefanovic

Water as an Element of Urban Design: Drawing Lessons from Four European Case Studies
Carlos Smaniotto Costa, Conor Norton, Elena Domene, Jacqueline Hoyer, Joan Marull and Outi Salmine

Water Consumption in Dormitories: Insight from an Analysis in the USA
Umberto Berardi and Nakisa Alborzfard

Water Resource Management in Larisa: A ″Tragedy of the Commons?″
Paschalis A. Arvanitidis, Fotini Nasioka and Sofia Dimogianni

Collective Versus Household Iron Removal from Groundwater at Villages in Lithuania
Linas Kliucininkas, Viktoras Racys, Inga Radžiunieneÿ and Dalia Jankunaiteÿ

The Contribution of Education for Sustainable Development in Promoting Sustainable Water Use
Gerd Michelsen and Marco Rieckman

Water Security Problems in Asia and Longer Term Implications for Australia
Gurudeo A. Tularam and Kadari K. Murali

Social Networks in Water Governance and Climate Adaptation in Kenya
Grace W. Ngaruiya, Jürgen Scheffran and Liang Lang

Eco-feedback Technology′s Influence on Water Conservation Attitudes and Intentions of University Students in the USA:
An Experimental Design
Janna Parker and Doreen Sams

Part II Case Studies in Sustainable Water Use and Management

Farm Management in Crop Production Under Limited Water Conditions in Balkh, Afghanistan
Paulo Roberto Borges de Brito

Sustainability of Effective Use of Water Sources in Turkey
Olcay Hisar, Semih Kale and Özcan Özen

Moving Toward an Anthropogenic Metabolism-Based and Pressure-Oriented Approach to Water Management
Xingqiang Song, Ronald Wennersten and Björn Frostell

Sustainable Water Management Defies Long-term Solutions
Kristan Cockerill and Melanie Armstrong

Sustainable Water Use: Finnish Water Management in Sparsely Populated Regions
Piia Leskinen and Juha Kääriä

The Education, Research, Society, and Policy Nexus of Sustainable Water Use in Semiarid Regions—A Case Study from Tunisia
Clemens Mader, Borhane Mahjoub, Karsten Breßler, Sihem Jebari, Klaus Kümmerer, Müfit Bahadir and Anna-Theresa Leitenberger

Planning Under Uncertainty: Climate Change, Water Scarcity and Health Issues in Leh Town, Ladakh, India
Daphne Gondhalekar, Sven Nussbaum, Adris Akhtar and Jenny Kebschull

Rainwater Harvesting—A Supply-Side Management Tool for Sustaining Groundwater in India
Claire J. Glendenning and R. Willem Vervoort

Sustainable Management of Water Quality in Southeastern Minnesota, USA: History, Citizen Attitudes, and Future Implications
Neal Mundahl, Bruno Borsari, Caitlin Meyer, Philip Wheeler, Natalie Siderius and Sheila Harmes

Social, Religious, and Cultural Influences on the Sustainability of Water and Its Use
Marwan Haddad

Innovative Approaches Towards Sustainable River Basin Management in the Baltic Sea Region: The WATERPRAXIS Project
Marija Kloga, Walter Leal Filho and Natalie Fischer

Towards Sustainable Water Use: Experiences from the Projects AFRHINET and Baltic Flows
Walter Leal Filho, Josep de la Trincheria and Johanna Vogt
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eBook 85.59 €; HC 149,79 €; SC 106,99 €