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International Yearbook for Research in Arts Education.
Band 2.
New York
Building on earlier discourse, the current yearbook volume continues to focus on questions of research in the field of cultural and arts education from a global perspective. This year's volume opens with a review of important contributions to the World Summit in Arts Education held in Wildbad Kreuth, Germany in 2013. It continues with the topics of evaluation, mapping and monitoring introduced in the first volume. Theoretical and practical applications of the key foundations of work in the International Network for Research in Arts Education (INRAE) are also explored at length. Most notably, new approaches aimed at linking arts education to peace education and the application of these approaches to education for sustainable development (ESD) are introduced and explored.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Samuel Leong
Polylogue II World Summit on Arts Education 2013: An Overview

Christian Manhart
UNESCO′s Present Position towards Arts Education

Evaluation and Monitoring

Shifra Schonmann
On Evaluation

Lode Vermeersch
Th e Evaluation of Public Policies on Arts Education:
Not just ′this-leads-to-that′

Michael Wimmer
Let us be brave! – Towards a Political Contextualisation
of Arts Education

Susanne Keuchel
Arts Education Development Index (AEDI) –
A Comparative International Empirical Research
Approach in Arts Education

Tatiana Fedorova and Liubava Moreva
Arts Education in the CIS Countries: National Reports and Regional
Observatory on Promoting Creative Capacities in the XXI Century

Jan Jaap Knol
On the Mapping of Cultural Education in Europe and More

Benedicte Helvad

Fianne Konings and Barend van Heusden
Evaluating Partnership, or how to Evaluate the Contribution of Cultural Institutions
to an Integrated Curriculum for Culture Education in Primary Schools

Jessy Siongers, Dries Vanherwegen and John Lievens
The Multiple Layers of Arts Education in School

Competencies and Assessment

Ernst Wagner
The Concept of Competencies in Formal and Non-Formal Arts Education –
The Perspective of Research

Eckart Liebau
Limitations of the Competence-Approach

Ellen Winner, Thalia R. Goldstein and Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin
Does Arts Education Foster Creativity? The Evidence so far

Robin Pascoe
Arts Assessment: A Need for Critical Engagement

Diederik W. Schönau
Self-Assessment for Learning in Visual Arts Education

Arts Education and Education for Sustainable Development

Samuel Leong and Ernst Wagner
UNESCO & Arts Education for Sustainable Development –
An Introduction

Yeon-hee Jung
Expanding Sustainable Th inking through Arts Education

Gerd Michelsen
Education for Sustainable Development:
Status Quo and Perspectives

Ernst Wagner
Arts Education and Education for Sustainable Development

Arts Education and Peace Education

Cynthia Cohen
Linking Arts Education with the Field of
Peacebuilding and the Arts

Eugène van Erven
Exploring the Peace Building Potential of Community Arts

Wolfgang Dietrich
Education for the Arts and the Peace″s″

Anne Bamford and Matt Qvortrup
Politics of the Soul: Th e Contribution of the Arts to Social Cohesion and Peace

Peter Harris
′Playing′ with ′Others′ in a ′Neutral Zone′:
Intergroup Contact in the Aesthetic Space

Vedat Özsoy
Arts Education and Violence in Schools

Mousumi De
Rethinking UNESCO′s Commitment to Education for Peace and International
Understanding through Art: From the Bristol Seminar to the Seoul Agenda

Shifra Schonmann
Arts for Peace Education:
False Reflections or a Real Chance for a Change?

Presentations given at The World Summit on Arts Education, Polylogue II,
Wildbad Kreuth/Munich, Germany, May 2013

Nicole Pereira and Ralph Buck
Building Community Well-Being: Global and Local Policy Intersections

Nicholas Rowe
What Challenges face Students, Teachers and Researchers of Community Dance,
within Cross-Cultural and Cross-Educational Contexts? A Sino-Kiwi Experience

Naomi Faik-Simet
Undertaking Research for Dance Education

Lily Chen-Haft eck
Educating the Creative Mind Project: Bringing Arts-Based Education
to Every Child

Andrea Creech
Community Opera in a Centre of Excellence: An Instrumental Case Study

Ann Kipling Brown, Susan R. Koff , Jeff Meiners and Charlotte Svendler Nielsen
Dance Learning in Motion: Global Dance Education

Susan A. O′Neill
Engagement in the Arts

Patricia A. González Moreno
Creating and Fostering Partnerships to enhance Arts Education:
Challenges and Opportunities

Sergio Figueiredo
Why Advocacy? Music and Arts Education in the Brazilian Context

Samia ElSheikh and Mai Nour
Curriculum Development and Change are a Need to the Community in Egypt

Galyna P. Shevchenko
Improving the Quality of Artistic Education through Interaction of Diff erent
Kinds of Art: Th e Experience of Ukraine

Teresa Torres de Eça
Comparangoleiros: A Transnational Arts Education Project

An Artist Reflects

Judith Marcuse
An Artist′s Odyssey: Adventures in Art and Education

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