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Mindful Change in Times of Permanent Reorganization.
Organizational, Institutional and Sustainability Perspectives.
New York
Since the 1990ies, organizations from different sectors have been operating in increasingly dynamic socio-economic environments characterized by unexpected events and instability. Organizations tend to adjust to dynamic environments by change initiatives promoting permanent reorganization. Such change initiatives often induce unintended effects, e.g. an erosion of trust, the violation of ′psychological contracts′ in employees′ eyes or a decrease in organizational effectiveness. This book explores and analyzes whether such unintended effects can be anticipated or constructively dealt with by mindful change. The latter refers to the concept of organizational mindfulness that originally is linked to risk and safety research, e.g. in respect to ′High Reliability Organizations′. In this book, organizational mindfulness is re-conceptualized addressing organizational change in the perspective of organizational sustainability. Moreover, it is explored how institutions foster or restrict organizations′ capability of organizational mindfulness in change processes.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Part I Introduction

Organizational, Institutional and Sustainability Perspectives on 'Mindful Organizational Change' in Turbulent Times: An Introduction
Guido Becke

Organizational Mindfulness and Dynamic Stability: The Role of Public Research Funding
Claudius H. Riegler

Part II Organizational Mindfulness: A Concept for Mindful Organizational Change?

Situating the Concept of Organizational Mindfulness: The Multiple Dimensions of Organizational Learning
Claus Rerup and Daniel A. Levinthal

Mindful Change: A Concept for Social Sustainability at Organizational Level
Guido Becke

Authenticity and Individual Mindfulness Within Organisations: Problems and Perspectives
Wolfgang Hien

Part III Dialogue: A Concept for Designing Organizational Change Mindfully

Institutional and Organizational Perspectives on Dialogue: Lessons Learned from Scandinavian Experiences
Bernd Hofmaier

Mindful Dialogue Is the Key!
Miriam Behrens and Peter Bleses

Part IV Trust as a Challenge to Organizational Change

Building Sustainable Organizational Trust in Radical Change - the Interplay of Organizational Trust and Mindfulness
Kirsimarja Blomqvist

Trust and Time in Reorganisations and the Role of Middle Managers
Sylke Meyerhuber

Trust and Its Impacts on Organizational Change and Innovation in Social Services
Janina Evers and Joachim Hafkesbrink

Part V Mindfulness in Social Change: A Societal Perspective

Mindfulness: A Politically Sensitizing Concept. Care and Social Sustainability as Issues
Eva Senghaas-Knobloch

Reforming the German University System: Mindful Change by Double Talk
Uwe Schimank

Personal, Systemic and Transsystemic Trust: Individual and Collective Resources for Coping with Societal Challenges
Martin Schweer and Karin Siebertz-Reckzeh

The List of Contributors to 'Mindful Change'