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Promoting change through Action Research.
″Bringing a different world into existence – Action Research as a trigger for innovations″ was the overarching theme and vision of the international CARN Conference 2011 in Vienna. The chapters in this book are drawn mainly from conference contributions. The authors share practical knowledge which has arisen from their work, and reflect on development processes in schools, in teacher education and professional development, social work, social peda¬gogy, health care and community development. This book offers what some critics believe has been missing in recent action research literature, namely first person accounts of action researchers who endeavour to change working conditions and social relations in their environment through the conduct of action research. This book is also distinguished by assembling contributions from people who are linking action research to a broad diversity of differing contexts, and who are exploring topics or issues across various applications of action research.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Promoting Change through Action Research

Weaving the Threads of Practice and Research
Andrew Townsend

Inclusive Sports in Styrian Schools
Heinz Tippl

Practitioner Collaboration at a Grade Four Mathematics Classroom
Sharada Gade

Using Drawing Images in Educational Research
Gwadabe Kurawa & Garba Azare

Quality Criteria for Schools Focussing on Education for Sustainable
Development (ESD)
Christine Lechner & Franz Rauch

Utilizing Action Research for Learning Process Skills and Mindsets
Barbara Lesjak

Making a Difference in Changing Times – The Value of
Research in Challenging Traditional Training Practice and
Supporting Collaborative Learning
Alison Cutler

Synergistic Cooperation of School-Based Action Research with
University-Based Didactic Investigations
Elisabeth Langer, Leopold Mathelitsch & Veronika Rechberger

What Does It Mean to be a Teacher Researcher? A Turkish Perspective
Irem Kizilaslan

Changing Teaching Practice Using Information and Communication
Geitza Rebolledo, Violeta Requena & Edward Meléndez

The Reflective Perspective of Narrative in Educational Action Researchof Narrative in Educational Action Research
Vassilis Tsafos

Participatory Research in Social Work
Maria Anastasiadis, Arno Heimgartner, Helga Kittl-Satran &
Michael Wrentschur

Dialogical Participatory Action Research in Social Work Using
Delta-Reflecting Teams
Ann-Margreth E. Olsson

Participatory Research in the Field of Social Pedagogy in Croatia
Ivana Jeðud Boriæ & Anja Mirosavljeviæ

Creating a Community of Reflective Practice
Cathy Sharp

Engaging with the Community to Enhance Primary Health Care
Vivian R. Ramsden, Shari Mckay, Shirley Bighead, Gail Boucher,
Carrie Bourassa, Peter Butt, Andrea Clinton, Jackie Crowe, Fred Felix,
Derek Jorgenson, Karen Larocque, Nora Mckee, Irene Nketia,
Norma Rabbitskin, Ella Thunderchild & Tara Turner,
Conjointly with Members of the Communities

Appraising Brazilian Deprived Communities′ Capitals for Planning
an Action Research Project
Margareth Santos Zanchetta, Bukola Salami, Wilson Galhego Garcia,
Emily Belita, Thiago de Souza, Rodrigo Caldas & Edwaldo Costa