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Science education research and education for sustainable development.
A collection of invited papers inspired by the 22nd Symposium on Chemistry and Science Education held at the University of Bremen, 19 - 21 June 2014.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Science education research and Education for Sustainable Development
Ingo Eilks, Silvija Markic and Bernd Ralle

Combining the question of the relevance of science education with the idea of Education for Sustainable Development
Ingo Eilks and Avi Hofstein

Innovations in science education through Education for Sustainable Development: Community-engaged learning
Franz Rauch and Mira Dulle

"... to help make decisions": A challenges to science education research in the 21 st century
Susanne Bogeholz and Jan Barkmann

Teaching and learning for critical scientific literacy: Communicating knowledge uncertainties, actors interplay and various discourses about chemicals
Jesper Sjöström and Emelie Stenborg

The effectiveness of the geospatial curriculum approach on urban middle level students' climate change understandings
Alec Bodzin

Conducting Didactical Design Research to enhance students' understanding of atmospheric phenomena
Thomas Roftbegalle and Bernd Ralle

Climate change education at a crossroads
John Oversby and Jane Fieldsend

Analysis of science fair projects and posters on the topic "Sustainability"
Gabriela Jonas-Ahrend, Yehudit Judy Dori, Hagit Refaeli Mishkin and Niva Wengrowicz

The role of values in chemistry education in the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
Deborah Corrigan, Rebecca Cooper and Stephen Keast

Green Chemistry teaching and outreach at the University of Toronto
Andrew P. Dicks, Barbora Morra. Laura Hoch and Melanie Mastronardi

Green Chemistry and sustainability education in the US
George Bodner

Route to sustainability using Green Chemistry in the pre-service teacher's curriculum
Mageswary Karpudewan, Chang Fui Seng and Zurida Ismail

Models for incorporating sustainability and chemistry education
Yael Shwartz, Miri Kesner, Yam it Sharaabi-Naor, Neta Avraham-Green, EldadMarom, Yehudit J. Dori and Avi Hofstein

Sustainable development, Green Chemistry and environmental education in Brazil
Vania Gomes Zuin and Carlos Alberto Marquez

SSI pedagogic discourse: Embracing scientific media literacy and ESD to face the multimedia world
Shu-Nu Chang Rimdgren and Carl-Johan Rundgren

On the educational goals of innovation and employability
Jan Alexis Nielsen and Henritte Tolstrup Holmegaard

A reform in science education in Tanzania
Rachel Mamlok-Naaman

Schülerlabors and sustainability
Rolf Hempelmann

Sustainability and chemistry in non-formal student laboratories: A project to support learning about sustainability
Nicole Garner, Antje Siol, Johannes Huwer, Rolf Hempelmann and Ingo Eilks

Learning sustainability in an outdoor chemistry laboratory
Martin Groger, Daniela Krischer and Philipp Spitzer

The Agnes-Pockels-Schülerlabor - An example on how non-formal laboratories can contribute to education for sustainability
Pelra Mischnick and Beate Faustmann

Chemical education and research to achieve goals of sustainable development: Bio-surfactant as a case study
Subhadip Roy. Rupak Banik and Subrata Das

Pre-service teacher education for a sustainable future: Insights into the INQUIRE course Bremen
Doris Elster, Tanja Barendziak, Frederike Haskamp and Lena Kastenholz

The understanding of sustainability and Education for Sustainable Development among experienced Flemish chemistry teachers
Griet Ceulemanns and Ingo Eilks

Teachers perception of the use of small-scale chemistry experimentation approach
Gebrekidan Tesfamariam, Annette Lykknes and Use Kvittingen

A novel teaching resource for introducing sustainability to chemistry higher education students
Michael Coffey and Daniel Rawlins

The lab-course "Exploring renewable energy resources": How to encourage scientifically interested students in informal learning environments
Sandra Hubricht and Bernd Ralle

The power beyond its simplicity: Effectiveness of POE strategy to enhance preservice teacher understanding about intermolecular spacing in matter
Tuszie Widhiyanti, David Treagust and Mauro Mocerino

Teaching the mole through experiential learning for a sustainable future
Nurma Yunita Indriyanti and Hans-Dieter Barke

Students' orientations (Alltagsphantasien) concerning topics of sustainable development
Anne-Katrin Holfelder and Ulrich Gebhard

The concept "sustainability" in the science education curriculum of Turkey
Bahattin Avdinli

Teaching sustainable energy management in the blended learning environment BLUK.ONE - First evaluation results
Use Bartosch and Roswitha Avalos Ortiz

Sustainable Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Current environmental situation and possibilities
Meliha Zejnilagic-Hajric, Maida Haskic and Ines Nuic

Science education for sustainable development and the project Chain Reaction in Georgia
Marika Kapanadze and Ekatarine Slovinsky

SolEn for a sustainable future: With a multidisciplinary course on solar energy towards a more sustainable education in chemistry at institutions of higher education
Katharina Brinkert

Mc Kioto - Research on climate impact of young people's eating behavior including students as research partners
Christian Bertsch, Heidemarie Pirker, Christian Vogl, Elisabeth Klingbacher and Theresa Markut

Effects of an experimental exploration of a moor environment promoting the evaluation and judgment competence of school students
Sabine Mälzer and Dorte Ostersehlt

Reflections on science education research focusing Education for Sustainable Development
Ingo Eilks, Avi Hofstein. John Oversby, Silvija Markic, and Bernd Ralle

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