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Enhancing education for sustainable development in Business and Management, Hospitality, Leisure, Marketing, Tourism.
Education for sustainable development (ESD) is a very challenging issue for higher education in the UK and worldwide. It is also a high priority area of work for the Higher Education Academy (HEA), with many reports published on the theme.

This document provides summaries of the chapters of the HEA's latest report on ESD, Enhancing education for sustainable development in Business and Management, Hospitality, Leisure, Marketing, Tourism. Each of the chapters has been published in full online, and these summaries capture the key points signposting individuals and institutions to selective reading in areas that match their particular interests.

The chapters in this report have been written by academic staff involved in incorporating ESD to enhance the student learning experience and offer valuable insights and ideas for colleagues in and beyond Business education and illustrate the variety and complexity of interpretation. Some focus on ethics and the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative, others on reducing environmental impact, ensuring social legacy, widening understanding in practice. Many include practical approaches – placements, working abroad, problem-based learning, service learning, and 'stepped case study'.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Chapter 1
Why should Business schools care about sustainability?
Paul M Marshall and Angus Laing

Chapter 2
An institutional approach: education for sustainable development at the University of Leeds
Martin Purvis, Claire Marsh, William Young and Julia Clarke

Chapter 3
Practical education for sustainable development through interdisciplinary problem-based learning
Helen Dobson and Bland Tomlinson

Chapter 4
Reaching out: community-based sustainable education, Mission to Mission Beach
Diane Phillips and Greg Boland

Chapter 5
Integrating sustainability into Business schools: evidence from United Nations
Principles for Responsible Management Education (UNPRME) Sharing of
Information in Progress (SIP) reports
Jasmin Godemann, Christian Herzig and Jeremy Moon

Chapter 6
No more preaching to the converted: embedding ESD in the Business school curriculum through a service learning initiative
Denise Baden

Chapter 7
Sustainable Tourism Management in an internationalised learning environment
Richard Bell and Simon Ireland

Chapter 8
Sustainability in practice: Action learning and the Green Impact initiative
Beatriz Acevedo and Sarah Johnson

Chapter 9
Two birds with one stone: enhancing education for sustainable development and employability
Nikolas Thomopoulos and John Embery

Chapter 10
Contributing to a more sustainable world? Business product innovation and the development of an industrial ecology
Colin Beard and Mark Goode

Chapter 11
Integrating the ′VERB′ model into an undergraduate tourism management degree programme
Andrew Clegg and Jorge Gutic

Chapter 12
Sustainable marketing: embedding sustainability at the heart of Business education
Barry Emery

Chapter 13
Promoting life-wide learning for sustainable development in the hospitality industry
Valerie Mannix and Lorain Walsh

Chapter 14
Stepping outside a comfort zone: transdisciplinary innovation in sustainability education
Darien Simon, Annette Lundebye and Evelyn Ang

Chapter 15
Teaching social legacy management through a ′stepped case study′ approach
Debbie Sadd