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Schools for Health and Sustainability.
Theory, Research and Practice.

Equips readers with an overview of the latest international research within the fields of health promoting schools

Provides strong rationale and clearly advocates for combining health promotion and education for sustainable development in schools

Focuses on similarities, differences and potential synergies between the concept of health promoting schools and the concept of education for sustainable development

Schools are unique places. They pay a central role in the formation of young people. The importance of how young people are educated and how they are encouraged to live and learn cannot be underestimated. This book advocates for the fostering of agency not only amongst school personnel but also amongst younger generations for health and sustainability. It provides the reader with a new lens with which to discover health promoting schools and education for sustainable development. It invites the reader to look more deeply into both and to accompany the authors on a journey of discovery of the real potential for each to enhance the practice of schooling.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Part 1 - Health Promoting Schools and Education for Sustainable Development

1. Schools for Health and Sustainability: Insights from the Past, Present and for the Future, Patricia Mannix-McNamara and Venka Simovska

2. Health Promotion and Sustainable Development in Schools: Historical Perspective, Ian Young

3. Key Competencies: Reconciling Means and Ends in Education for Sustainable Consumption, Daniel Fischer and Matthias Barth

4. Under One Umbrella: Professional Norms Promoting Education for Sustainable Development at the School Level, Ulf Leo and Per Wickenberg

5. Linking Health Education and Sustainability Education in Schools: Local Transformations of International Policy, Katrine Dahl Madsen, Lone Lindegaard Nordin and Venka Simovska (contact – Venka Simovska

Part 2 - Partnerships, Standards and Change

6. Health Promotion in Dutch Secondary Schools: Promising Collaboration between School and Public Health Services, Nicole Boot, Maria Jansen, Mariken Leurs and Nanne de Vries

7. Becoming a Health Promoting School: Using a ′Change Agent′ to Influence School Structure, Ethos and Ensure Sustainability, Elizabeth Senior, Andrew Joyce and Dimitri Batras

8. Drama-based Learning for Teachers′ Education in Health Promotion, Athina Karavoltsou

9. Professional Competencies within School Health Promotion – between Standards and Professional Judgment, Monica Carlsson

10. Health Education in the Context of Performance Driven Education: Challenges and Opportunities, Sharon Moynihan, Jennifer Hennessy and Patricia Mannix-McNamara

Part 3 - Examining Implementation

11. Implementation Strategies to Promote and Sustain Health and Learning in School, Oddrun Samdal and Louise Rowling

12. Healthy Principals - Healthy Schools: A Neglected Perspective to School Health Promotion, Kevin Dadaczynski and Peter Paulus

13. Three Approaches to School Health Education as a Means to Higher Levels of Health Literacy, Leena Paakkari

14. Promoting Health Education in a Context of Strong Social and Cultural Heterogeneity: the Case of Reunion Island, Maryvette Balcou-Debussche and Crane Roger

15. Implementing Mental Health Promoting Schools, Aleisha Clarke and Margaret Barry

Part 4 - The Challenges of Evaluation and Evidence

16. Health-Promoting Teaching Strategies in Schools – a Review of the Literature and Recommendations for Teacher Education, Edith Flashberger and Lisa Gugglberger

17. Evaluation Research in Health Promoting Schools and Related Challenges, Hege E. Tjomsland, Bente Wold, Rune J. Krumsvik and Oddrun Samdal

18. Mixed Methods′ Contribution to the Evaluation of Health Promotion Initiatives in the School Setting, Marie-Renée Guével, Jeanine Pommier, and Didier Jourdan

19. Developing and Testing a Health Promotion Theory—An Example of Creating a Model of School Staff′s Occupational Well-Being, Terhi Saaranen, Kerttu Tossavainen, Marjorita Sormunen, Sari Laine, and Hannele Turunen