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Contributions to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.
Frankfurt/ a. M. [u.a.]
This book presents essential learning approaches. It introduces educational and training activities, as well as various innovative methods aiming at the development of practical skills, in order to strengthen the continuous process of environmental education, and in particular the education for sustainable development (ESD). In doing so, it focuses on three dimensions (social, economic and environmental) as a means of achieving an effective change of behaviour and «tries to bridge the gap between science and environmental education by describing a set of projects, initiatives and field activities». A special emphasis is put on teacher training programmes, conception, and implementation, highlighting the problems and barriers, which prevent development as far as integration of sustainability issues in higher education is concerned.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Foreword by the Editors

Chapter 1
The Need for Contributions to the Decade o f Education for a Sustainable
Future: an Ethical Commitment
Amparo Vilches, Luis Marques, Daniel Gil-Perez, Joao Praia

Chapter 2
Evolutionary Foundations for Sustainability and Environmental Ethics -
Some Reflections on the Origin o f Goodness and the Future of
Environmental Education
Marina Prieto Afonso Lencastre

Chapter 3
Implementing Sustainable Development in Higher Education
Walter Leal Filho, Evangelos Manolas

Chapter 4
An Assessment o f Requirements to Reframe Science Education towards
Education for Sustainable Development
Maria Arminda Pedrosa

Chapter 5
Education for Sustainable Development Indicators, Competences and
Science Education
Ana Capelo, Maria Conceigao Santos, Maria Arminda Pedrosa

Chapter 6
Experimental Science Activities and Environmental Education:
A pivotal bridge
Sofia Marques, Ruth Pereira, Fernando Gonqalves

Chapter 7
Eco-Schools: Development o f Assessment Tools
Joao Gomes, Sandra Caeiro, Filomena Amador

Chapter 8
Education for Sustainable Development in Primary Schools:
Contributions from the Development o f a Teacher Training Program
Patricia Sa, Isabel P. Martins

Chapter 9
The Relevance o f Learning Strategies Relying on Investigative and
Experimental Premises for Sciences Teaching: a Case Study with Junior
School Students
Fernanda Luisa Lopes, Joana Luisa Pereira, Fernando Gongalves, Antonio Verissimo, Rui Ribeiro

Chapter 10
Effectiveness o f Outdoor Practices on Environmental Sustainability
Ana Sofia Almeida, Ana Marta Gongalves, Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro,
Fernando Gongalves

Chapter 11
"Questions in Biology" Designing an Online Discussion Forum for
Promoting Active Learning about Evolution
Betina da Silva Lopes, Aurora Coelho Moreira,Maria Flelena Pedrosa de Jesus

Chapter 12
Field activities within an Environmental Sciences Program: a B-Learning
Case Study
Carla Padrel Oliveira, Ana Paula Martinho, Sandra Caeiro, Filomena Amador, Fernando Caetano

Chapter 13
Online Learning for Sustainability: the Student Perception in
an Environmental Science Post-Graduation
Paula Bacelar-Nicolau, Ana PaulaMartinho, Filomena Amador, Sandra Caeiro, Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro

Chapter 14
Agronomists, Civil Engineers and Architects: what Role in Earth
Sustainability ?
Ana Marta Gongalves, Sonia Costa, Daniela de Figueiredo,
Fernando Gongalves, Miguel Angelo Pardal,
Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro

Chapter 15
Developing Activities on Waste Management - an Approach to Achieve a
Cleaner Environment
Sonia Costa, Ana Marta Gongalves, Fernando Gongalves,
Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro, Miguel Angelo Pardal

Chapter 16
Sustainability o f Fisheries
Graham Pierce, Cristina Pita, Begona Santos, Sonia Seixas

Chapter 17
Perceived Importance o f Fish Sustainability: the Impact o f Consumers'
Benefits and Risk Perception Regarding Farmed and Wild Fish
Ana Pinto de Moura, Luis Miguel Cunha, Margarida Bacelar,
Rui Costa Lima

Chapter 18
Collaborative Governance for the Preservation and Valorization of
the Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity in Serra da Aboboreira -
Sustainable Planning Instruments and Biodiversity Conservation
Alcide Gongalves, Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro, Joao Honrado

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