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BNELIT - Datenbank zu Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wissenschaftliche Literatur und Materialien
Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Saenz, S.; Walschburger, T.; González, J.; León, J.; McKenney, B.; Kiesecker, J. A Framework for Implementing and Valuing Biodiversity Offsets in Colombia: A Landscape Scale Perspective. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 4961-4987;

Ghosh, T.; Anderson, S.; Elvidge, C.; Sutton, P. Using Nighttime Satellite Imagery as a Proxy Measure of Human Well-Being. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 4988-5019;

Messagie, M.; Lebeau, K.; Coosemans, T.; Macharis, C.; Van Mierlo, J. Environmental and Financial Evaluation of Passenger Vehicle Technologies in Belgium. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5020-5033;

Rivera, M. Political Criteria for Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Selection and the Role of the Urban Dimension. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5034-5051;

Jollands, M.; Parthasarathy, R. Developing Engineering Students′ Understanding of Sustainability Using Project Based Learning. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5052-5066;

Bertschy, F.; Künzli, C.; Lehmann, M. Teachers′ Competencies for the Implementation of Educational Offers in the Field of Education for Sustainable Development. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5067-5080;

Xiang, N.; Xu, F.; Sha, J. Simulation Analysis of China′s Energy and Industrial Structure Adjustment Potential to Achieve a Low-carbon Economy by 2020. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5081-5099;

Ravetz, J. New Futures for Older Ports: Synergistic Development in a Global Urban System. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5100-5118;

Chard, C.; Mallen, C. Renewable Energy Initiatives at Canadian Sport Stadiums: A Content Analysis of Web-Site Communications. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5119-5134;

Andersson, K.; Jagers, S.; Lindskog, A.; Martinsson, J. Learning for the Future? Effects of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) on Teacher Education Students. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5135-5152;

Wendling, Z.; Attari, S.; Carley, S.; Krause, R.; Warren, D.; Rupp, J.; Graham, J. On the Importance of Strengthening Moderate Beliefs in Climate Science to Foster Support for Immediate Action. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5153-5170;

Johansson, K.; Axelsson, R.; Kimanzu, N. Mapping the Relationship of Inter-Village Variation in Agroforestry Tree Survival with Social and Ecological Characteristics: The Case of the Vi Agroforestry Project, Mara Region, Tanzania. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5171-5194;

Johansson, K.; Axelsson, R.; Kimanzu, N.; Sassi, S.; Bwana, E.; Otsyina, R. The Pattern and Process of Adoption and Scaling up: Variation in Project Outcome Reveals the Importance of Multilevel Collaboration in Agroforestry Development. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5195-5224;

Fleischer, M.; Fuhrmann, M.; Haferburg, C.; Krüger, F. ″Festivalisation″ of Urban Governance in South African Cities: Framing the Urban Social Sustainability of Mega-Event Driven Development from Below. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5225-5248;

Robison, R.; Jansson-Boyd, C. Perspectives on Sustainability: Exploring the Views of Tenants in Supported Social Housing. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5249-5271;

Banterle, A.; Stranieri, S. Sustainability Standards and the Reorganization of Private Label Supply Chains: A Transaction Cost Perspective. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5272-5288;

Lehmann, S.; Zaman, A.; Devlin, J.; Holyoak, N. Supporting Urban Planning of Low-Carbon Precincts: Integrated Demand Forecasting. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5289-5318;

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Trulli, E.; Torretta, V.; Raboni, M.; Masi, S. Incineration of Pre-Treated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) for Energy Co-Generation in a Non-Densely Populated Area. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5333-5346;

Blake, J.; Sterling, S.; Goodson, I. Transformative Learning for a Sustainable Future: An Exploration of Pedagogies for Change at an Alternative College. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5347-5372;

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Wang, W.; Zeng, W. Optimizing the Regional Industrial Structure Based on the Environmental Carrying Capacity: An Inexact Fuzzy Multi-Objective Programming Model. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5391-5415;

Brock, C.; Barham, B. ′Milk is Milk′: Organic Dairy Adoption Decisions and Bounded Rationality. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5416-5441;

Juliá, R.; Duchin, F. Land Use Change and Global Adaptations to Climate Change. Sustainability 2013, 5(12), 5442-5459;